When asked to write about his hero, Pedro chose me; mom! Like most moms, there are days where I can’t get a grasp on all the #momfails I manage in a 24-hour period.  Despite my best intentions, everything goes wrong, no one gets enough attention, and I’m left feeling like I wish I could get a do-over on those days.  Wouldn’t that be cool? Nah. Probably not.  We’d always want one.  We’d always be stuck on our small failures of today, ignorant to our big successes of tomorrow.  I’m so glad Pedro reminded me of this.  I am good enough! I’ve impacted him so much, he voluntarily shared my contribution with his peers.  One more reason not to beat myself up over my warped perception of failure.  I’m a success. He’s a success! I couldn’t be prouder.  Check our his very Pedro-style letter!



TRANSLATION of this special letter that Pedro wrote to me:

My Heroe Alicia, by: Pedro

My hero is friendly, cares about me a lot, respects me, and my hero is my mom. Since my infancy, when I was in her arms, I knew I was safe.  My mom always tell me: Always keep pushing forward, no one is like you.  You are a unique person.  It seems phenomenal to me that when we’re little, how our parents act with us, we act the same and my mom’s mom was always angry but my mom didn’t turn out like that.  When my mom was young, her mom moved to Oregon but didn’t tell her so my mom stayed in Oregon.  She had to take care of herself on her own. She always knew that I didn’t like to go to school before I had Mr. Roque because always in the Open Houses they said bad things to my mom but my mom didn’t pay attention to that every Open House and Back-to-School night.

One day I was with my aunts for Spring Break and my mom picked me up.  I was in the first or third grade so I was crying and I was telling my mom: “No mom. No mom.  I don’t want to go to school. The teacher doesn’t understand me and doesn’t know how I work and always tells me bad things.”  So, my mom said, “Okay. Tomorrow you and Antonio are going to stay home and we’re going to have a day for us, and a party.”

Furthermore, every morning my mom wakes up with a smile and hugs and kisses. That’s why my mom is my hero.

I want to see Pedro as a teen, a grownup, a father, and a Grandpa.  If I can help it, I’m going to be around for a while, with lots of hugs and kisses to offer.  That’s why it’s so important to me to support my immune system. Pedro is very thankful to Mr. Roque.  He is a fabulous teacher. Learn more about why.

Finally! A Teacher Who “Gets” the Kids Who Were Never “Got”

By:  Alicia Gonzalez