WhatifTomorrowNeverComesIf tomorrow never came, I wouldn’t be sad.

I’d be grateful for the life I had.

I wouldn’t want tears from those I knew.

I’d want them happy, for at least I’d found you.

I’d want them rejoicing and thinking of,

how lucky I was to have found love.

If tomorrow never came, I’d die with a grin.

Complain? No. I couldn’t begin.

For my prayers were surely heard.

With your love they were answered.

I’d have no regrets, not even one.

I’d want a party, a day of fun.

I’d want you to remember this simple truth.

You’re love is my eternal fountain of youth.

If tomorrow never came it would be okay.

I’d still be your angel, never far away.

By:  Alicia Gonzalez  All Rights Reserved 2013