On World Password Day of all days. Oh Jane, the irony!

world password day jane

Do ya’ll see Jane? Actually, I don’t know if her name is really Jane, but we’re going to call her that. She looks stressed, right? Well, Jane forgot her password for her work computer and the entire IT department is away at a training.

Well, that obviously wouldn’t do! So, Jane decided to hop into her car and drive over to another work site to see if she could get help over there. Maybe Jane should take up Yoga, because by the time she got there she was practically hyperventilating.  Jane ran into the building like she was training for the Olympics. Luckily, she found the coolest of techies to help her reset her password.

Now she just needed to run back over to her office, and  log on so she could salvage the day. Oh, busy-scattered-neurotic Jane!  As Jane extended her thumb to frantically press the unlock button on her car alarm, like she frequently does, she realized she did not have her keys! Sure enough, she had locked them in the car, still in the ignition. Jane was having a rough day. For a moment, she considered busting the driver’s side window out with some Tae-Kwon-Do move she’d seen once on TV. She quickly came to her senses and decided to call roadside assistance. First, she needed to check her bank account because you know, things were poppin at the office party last night, and Jane wasn’t exactly sure how much she’d spent on Margaritas. Thank goodness for fingerprint recognition, which allowed Jane to quickly log into her cell phone. She was even able to remember her password for her bank account and got logged in without any problem. Except, so had someone else. Yep, that’s right~! Jane’s money was gone — bye bye, because she had a weak password! I know how she feels though, because I used to be Jane! Yep, that’s right – me! Now, I’m the password Queen~! I have so many passwords, but they are all strong, and I don’t have to worry about remembering any of them. 

6 Tips for Creating Stronger Passwords: World Password Day

  1. DO use DIFFERENT passwords for all (or most) of your accounts.

  2. DO use SYMBOLS & SPECIAL CHARACTERS in your passwords.

  3. DO FREQUENTLY CHANGE your passwords. (Every 90 days.)

  4. DO use NON-WORD & NON-NAME letter combinations.

  5. DO use a Password Management App or Program. (I use MSecure, and have for years, practically since they started. I LOVE IT! I am not affiliated with them in any way, nor is this post sponsored by them, but it’s a GREAT program that works on Desktops, Tablets, i-everything, and Android.


You had no idea there even was a World Password Day, right? Me neither! Now we know. I hope you found this information entertaining and useful. If so, please share. Because, sharing is caring!

By: Alicia Gonzalez