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As soon as I laid eyes on the Jiménez Family,

#LaFamiliadeHoy Jimenez Family


I knew I had to pick them to be #LaFamiliadeHoy!

I am so excited that they won! I mean, really excited! The other families were lovely, but the Jimenez FAMILY reminded me so much of my own family.  They are a large family bringing together generations of love and family-first values.  Life goes by so quickly and children often grow up and move away.  Family gatherings are reduced to holiday reunions and special occasions.  Sometimes families make the choice to stay together.

In December, Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies revealed

the Jiménez family as LA FAMILIA DE HOY™. Juan, Biviana and their three children: Elisa, Diego and Benicio are a modern, active, multicultural family – representative of all the values that Hispanics relate to and care about.

Healthy Essentials Presenta LA FAMILIA DE HOY™

#LaFamiliaDeHoy Jimenez Family


Look at how the Jimenez FAMILY and their extended family lives:




Neydi and her oldest son, Juan, together with his wife Bivianna, from Colombia, and their kids Elisa (11), Diego (9) and Benicio (5) Alejandro, (second brother) with his wife Patricia and their children Pablo (4), Lily (2) and Leonardo, who will be born in January 2014, and their Bulldog, Nut. Andrés, (third brother) with his wife Pixie and their daughters Andrea (3) and Danitza (21 months).

Like I said when I voted for them,

I think of #LaFamiliadeHoy as the family of yesterday, all grown up, extended and evolved with new generations bridging the gaps and bonding the whole family.  The Jimenez FAMILY has committed to passing on their traditional values and Hispanic roots to the younger generations.  The chance to grow up with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, along with your siblings is an opportunity not every family has.

My own kids love their quality time with extended family!

#LaFamiliadeHoy Generations


I’m happy that the Jimenez FAMILY has made it a priority.

#LaFamiliaDeHoy Kids

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Also in common with the Jimenez FAMILY, is that we too,

are proud Johnson & Johnson Family products users! We have been, for as many years as I can remember. My only daughter has hair just like I did at her age. I’m so thankful for NO MORE TANGLES®! I’ll never forget the time when my other mom spent endless hours trying to remove the seaweed from my very thick, long, and curly hair.  Honestly, my daughter’s hair is much more beautiful than mine was.  Of course, she still suffers from some of the same problems I do.  Her gorgeous hair gets frizzy, tangled, and looks dull,

straight out of the shower.

#LaFamiliadeHoy Tangled Hair

We use three gentle steps to well-nourished, healthy-looking hair:

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And Voila!

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#LaFamiliadeHoy uses Healthy Essentials™

#LaFamiliadeHoy Healthy Essentials

Congratulations, Jiménez FAMILY, on becoming #LaFamiliadeHoy! Keep up with them on FACEBOOK!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez