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On tomorrow’s episode of the nationally syndicated daytime talk show “Katie,” airing December 10, Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, Sesame Street’s senior vice president for family and community engagement, stops by with friends Grover and Abby Cadabby to talk about their Little Children, Big Challenge initiative.

Get the tools you need to help your kids cope with everyday issues like sibling rivalry, bullying, being patient and overcoming disappointment.

Katie - Airing Tomorrow

“Katie” airs in national syndication.   Check your local listings for times and channels.

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Editor’s Note:  Embrace your inner child!  Almost everyone I know grew up on Sesame Street.  Didn’t you?  While Sesame Street remains a great kid’s program, times have changed for parents.  In many homes, both parents must work to make ends meet and our children are growing up faster than ever.  As quick as the speed of the internet.  I’ve talked to many teachers over the years.  Especially, teachers of pre-K through Elementary School aged children are dealing with students who do not have the social skills to cope with the growing demands of social and academic environments.  The need to teach our children to be patient, as well as how to not be a bully, and what to do if they have to deal with one are are important parenting issues. In all of this, our children often face disappointment.  It is imperative that we begin to teach them how to deal with that.  For children, the smallest thing can equate to the biggest disappointment.  Coping with disappointment is a life-skill we must begin teaching at a young age, and continue to teach our children throughout their lives.

24/7 Modern Mom™ contributor, Peggy Lee, and author of Spoiled: Fresh Ideas For Parenting Your Entitled Child — At Any Agehas been a mentor to many parents regarding these same issues.

We’d love to have your feedback on Katie’s segment tomorrow.  What things are you already doing? Are there things you want to do but have a hard time following through with? Are there things you’d like to do but don’t know where to start? What challenges do you face as a parent that are different from the challenges your own parents faced?  Peggy Lee is available to offer her opinions on these things and more.  Feel free to submit your questions to her, in the comments section of this post, via email, or through the Contact Us Form.  As parents, when what we are doing isn’t working, the smartest thing we can do is to seek out Fresh Ideas!  We hope you enjoy the segment on Katie tomorrow and return to share your feedback!  ~ Alicia Gonzalez