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For as many years as I can remember, before having triplets, I bought iced drinks twice daily, at a cost of about $5.00 per drink.  I even spoiled Antonio & Pedro with my expensive habit.  I always had an iced drink in my hand. My favorite specialty drinks were the fruity iced tea variations.

#shop iced tea brewer

That’s Pedro, back when we used to have frequent mommy-son dates to spend some quality time while sipping on our favorite drinks.  Since the triplets were born, I can’t afford (what would amount to) a $70.00 per day iced drink obsession.  Let’s just do that math.  If we round up to an actual $5.00 each, times 7 people, that’s $35.00.  Now times by 2, for the twice daily, and we are talking about $70.00 per day. Obviously, that’s not happening! Even if I wanted to buy a drink just for me, it’s a huge production to get everyone ready, out the door, and in the van, just so I can buy myself an iced tea while the kids whine about what a selfish mommy I am! Don’t judge me, but I’ve even shed a few tears on those days when all I wanted was a refreshing drink, and there was no hope of me getting out of the house, period! I hate having to make an entire pot of something to #BrewItUp just right.  And honestly, I like to mix it up! I missed that so much. I try not to complain too much because I am very grateful for the life I have, but I did whine  about missing this part of my life, the most!  Pedro missed that the most, too.

Then this happened….

#shop Keurig K40 with Iced Tea Gift


My friends over at #CollectiveBias knew how this kitchen wonder would change my life.  I mean, I told them, because I knew it would.  My friends sang the praises of theirs, and I wished and wished I had my own.  I even had a plan to get one but it was taking longer than I had hoped it would.  I kept the item bookmarked to look at each day so I didn’t let one more kid’s “mommy-can-I-have EVERYTHING that” come before by goal of gifting myself one of these babies!  So, as you can imagine,

I almost jumped out of my skin when the Keurig Walmart Team sent ME, this!

#shop iced tea dream come true


I already had the lemons and limes. It might be a Latino thing, but 20-30 of them in the fridge or on the counter is our norm.  I couldn’t wait to create a #BrewOverIce drink! First, I made lemon, lime, mint, strawberry, and peach ice cubes.  

Protip:  Frozen fruit cubes give a fresh burst of flavor, keeps your iced drink chilled longer, and won’t water down the awesome taste of your K-Cups! 


#shop iced tea lemon cubes


Then I made this, for me!!!

#shop celebrate with iced tea


And I made THIS for Pedro!

#shop iced tea pomegranate



With over 250 flavors to choose from, at not even a fraction of the price I used to pay for iced drinks from very limited menus, I couldn’t be happier! This feels like my Birthday, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, all wrapped up in one.  I would equate adding a Keurig to my life to the day I got my first cell phone.  Life will never be the same, and it’s all for the better.  Pedro and I are planning some regular mini-dates, like old times!

#shop Iced Tea Celebration with Pedro


I’m so excited that I can turn a boring day into an exciting break, from my own kitchen, in a matter of minutes.  It’s important that I find quality time with my children, 1-1! Seriously, I just feel like EVERYONE should have one!  I’ve invited over my family, neighbors, and old friends to try out my #BrewOverIce creations.  I have a feeling they’ll be heading over to Walmart to pick up their own, Keurig. I’m even considering a 365 Brews challenge! That would be fun for the entire family. I’m sure we could come up with a different drink each day, for a year.  

Are any of you planning a big 4th of July celebration? How will you #BrewItUp? Do you have a favorite recipe? I’ll be sharing the best iced tea I’ve ever had in my life with my whole family! For my iced tea, I used the diet Snapple® K-Cup plus the mint, lemon, and lime cubes I made.  It was exploding with flavor. #BrewOverIce K-Cups are specially created for brewing over ice. They’re marked with a blue circle & K-Cup icon. For best results, brew on the small or medium setting for the best taste. I said I love this, right? Well if I had to choose between my flat iron or my Keurig, I’d never do my hair again. It’s that awesome!

Check out this How-To video and get started with your favorite K-Cup! 

By:  Alicia Gonzalez