Kids Are Smarter Banner

It took me forty years to figure it out.  Kids ARE smarter than adults.

As adults, we’ve all learned one thing.  Life isn’t what we thought it it would be.  Some of us can handle that.  Some of us are broken by that.  Most of us are trying to teach some kids in our lives to be adults, in hopes that they’ll be prepared. Oh, but there is so much we can’t be prepared for in life.  We spend so much time trying to stop kids from being kids.  We should think about that before we stomp it out altogether.  There are plenty of reasons kids are smarter than adults.  The irony is, they don’t know they are smarter than us, and neither do we!  Here are ten reasons that prove they are!

  1. Kids are spontaneous.

  2. Kids ask for what they want.

  3. Kids don’t pretend to like people they don’t like at all.

  4. Kids don’t doubt their intuitions.

  5. Kids think everything is funny.

  6. Kids love unconditionally.

  7. Kids ask a lot of questions.

  8. Kids speak their minds.

  9. Kids eat three or more meals per day.

  10. Kids don’t let people borrow money.


By:  Alicia Gonzalez