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Yesterday I was out shopping with a friend and she threw a couple of multi-box packages of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese into my cart.  She thought it was a great deal and asked if I wanted to grab it.  She was just being helpful but I declined.  I knew I could get them at a better price! My family can eat three boxes of Mac & Cheese in one sitting, as just a side dish.  Oh, the expenses blessings of a large family! Especially for products I use frequently, I try to utilize another form of savings aside from just a sale price.  Today, I have the privilege of sharing some high value Kraft Coupons with you. So, I’m glad I didn’t stock up yesterday. Walmart has some great deals right now that are #PackedwithSavings, but you’ll have to hurry!

#shop Easy Party Food Drink

Two of my children are already back to school and the remaining three will be soon.  They always come home hungry.  That stressful time between after-school and before sports practices/dinner can be hard to manage.  The kids are always hungry! They need more than a snack and not quite a dinner.  Especially when school is in session, I don’t have time to make three elaborate meals per day.  So, I rely on the same  #SimpleSolutions I try to share with you, like my 10 Minute Meals to feed the team for those in-between times. One of my favorite new inventions this Summer was my Golazo Kraft Casserole!

#shop #GolazoKraft Caserole


Even during the Summer, I really tried to focus on spending more quality time with the kids and less isolated time cooking.  You all know how grateful I am to work with #CollectiveBias, which has allowed me to spend more time at home with my family.   I’m lucky.  I know that not every parent can work from home so finding quality time can be even harder.

Personally, I am always looking for new and fun activities to enjoy during the summer, but costs can start to add up quickly! Saving money whenever and wherever I can is important, especially during the summer months. Kraft Foods wants to help you save money without sacrificing on great taste and quality by offering multiple HIGH value coupons worth $16.25. If you can cut back your grocery bill, that opens up the possibility for fun activities with your family and friends all summer long! Be sure to download these coupons now to begin saving! You can find all of these great deals on http://cbi.as/copy

Kids love Kraft.  I love being able to give them what they want, on a budget!


What are your favorite Kraft recipes? 

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