KSI – Rape Face

There are a lot of rape face videos…

rape face screenshot

So what would you do if your ten-year-old flashed some freaky eyes at you and said, “RAPE FACE!”  Um, yea… This is not something he learned at home. Well, not exactly.  He copied it from KSI, on the internet.  KSI, began his career as a YouTuber, playing FIFA video games, later commenting, and recently, rapping.   Pedro thinks “rape face” is hilarious.  I had a serious talk with him about making fun and light of rape. Period! Antonio told me that if I take KSI off the air, he’ll never talk to me again.  He was kind of joking, but kind of worried.  First, WOW that he thinks I might be able to do that! Second, that’s not the point of the post.  KSI can continue with his very adult humor.  The big problem is, his audience is heavily compiled with gamers.  In other words, the pre-teens, teens, and young adults.  KSI doesn’t seem to have a filter.  For research, I watched some of his videos.  Honestly, I had enough.  KSI videos are not allowed in my house.  If I catch the kids trying to watch one, there will be a severe consequence.  There are certain things that people shouldn’t joke about.  I firmly believe that a “Rape Face,” is one of them! Even if KSI is less inappropriate in other videos, I don’t want to support him, overall.  I want parents to be aware of the people influencing our kids.  These aren’t just some random people.  Even if your kids have never seen their videos, chances are they’ve heard of them.  KSI has 6,846,972 YouTube Subscribers.  On Instagram, he has 727,482 Followers. He is also verified on Twitter, with 1.7 million Followers.  As disturbing as I find some of KSI’s videos, rumor has it that he does some very “nice things,” including donating to worthy causes and using his influence to create awareness.  There are many adult comedians, even some I would go to see personally, who have very explicit language and content.  So, KSI and his content aren’t even my true concern.  My real issue is that it is very hard for parents to keep up on who and what has influence over their children, outside of the security and rules of their home.  I hope this will help parents at least look into who their kids might know about, be interested in, and be influenced by.

***DISCLOSURE: This compilation of KSI Rape Face Video may be offensive***

Parents, also be aware of these dudes:

SMOSH has some very inappropriate videos that will make you shake your head, for sure.  W2S, is another gaming focused YouTuber. Also, one I have yet to look too much into is Swoozie.   From what I can tell so far, he is a complicated character.  He is very pre-teen/teen popular, with some heavy content. However, some of his content has some very positive messages, told in the form of stories.  Perhaps his is a channel parents are willing to check out first, and use as discussion material with teens.  Abstinence is a big focus on Swoozie’s channel.

By:  Alicia Gonzalez