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As soon as I laid eyes on the Jiménez FAMILY, I knew I had to pick them to be #LaFamiliadeHoy!

#LaFamiliaDeHoy Logo

What does that even mean, #LaFamiliadeHoy? It’s the “Family of Today.”  Johnson & Johnson and Univision are searching for an authentic, modern and active family to become “La Familia de Hoy.” The winning familia will become the spokesfamily for Johnson & Johnson in 2014.  There are other great families in the competition.  You’ll want to go to and vote for your own favorite familia to become #LaFamiliadeHoy.  It’s simple!  Find out all the details about the competing families.  The hardest part is picking just one.

So why am I voting for the Jiménez FAMILY to be #LaFamiliadeHoy?

#LaFamiliadeHoy Jimenez Family

I think of #LaFamiliadeHoy as the family of yesterday, all grown up, extended and evolved with new generations bridging the gaps and bonding the whole family.

I grew up on the East Coast.  In my neighborhood, most of the properties had at least two homes on one lot, with extended families of the same family living in the properties.  Of course, I also grew up during a time when the universal kid-curfew was, “when the street lights come on,” and all neighborhood moms eran como tías to all the neighborhood kids.  So, even if you didn’t have a big family, you still did.  And that mattered.

The Jiménez FAMILY reminds me of this!  They are a big family, living in three homes, connected by their backyards.




Neydi and her oldest son, Juan, together with his wife Bivianna, from Colombia, and their kids Elisa (11), Diego (9) and Benicio (5) Alejandro, (second brother) with his wife Patricia and their children Pablo (4), Lily (2) and Leonardo, who will be born in January 2014, and their Bulldog, Nut. Andrés, (third brother) with his wife Pixie and their daughters Andrea (3) and Danitza (21 months).

I’m a Soccer Mom, in case you hadn’t noticed by the soccer ball under my foot in my logo.  In the Jiménez FAMILY, soccer isn’t just a love passed on between generations.  It’s actually passed on between species.  Even their dog, Nut, loves soccer!  Each of the three families of the Jiménez FAMILY are different.  They come together with family BBQs and are bound by love.  This is a family that understands the meaning of, “echale más agua al caldo!” 

Good luck, Jiménez FAMILY, on becoming #LaFamiliadeHoy!  I hope our readers will run over to and vote for you too!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez