I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of MomCentral for Lucky Supermarkets. I received Thomas Cookware items to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


Have you heard about this awesome program yet? You would have heard about it from me a week or two ago, but then, as many of you already know, I got sick.  I personally had three emergency room trips and a hospital admittance during that two week period.  When I came home from the hospital, that same day my teen son, Antonio, got two breaks in his wrist. That sounds so long ago.  It was yesterday.  I hadn’t even removed the EKG connectors that were still stuck to me, when I had to rush him off for immediate medical attention.   When I originally planned to share the Lucky Collect and Cook program with you, I was really excited because some of my all-time favorite cookware actually came from  pieces I collected years ago when Lucky ran a similar promotion with Thomas Cookware.

Lucky Display


I was incredibly excited to share the details of this year’s program with all of you.  I had so many great memories of the program that I already had my own Lucky shopping get-the-cookware-plan! I didn’t even know I was so excited when I was selected to share the #LuckyMakeMemories information! Then, all that other stuff happened.  Antonio was a little concerned about how hard it will be for him to do things with his broken wrist.  He got a soft cast the other day and will be in a hard cast as soon as the swelling is down to a safe enough level.  My right-hand-man is down a left hand and won’t be able to help me the way he normally does.  He is a BIG HELP!  

#LuckyMakeMoments #sponsored

The Lucky Collect and Cook program is happening RIGHT NOW!  I know they didn’t do it just for me, but really, the timing is perfect!  I cook a lot and I usually use a lot of pans for most meals.  Antonio often lends me a hand keeping the little ones out of the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner, after school, and before soccer practices.  He also stirs, strains, washes pans, and plates some of the finished side dishes while I’m cooking.  Without a hand to lend now, I won’t be able to count on him the same way, for a while. It really is LUCKY for me, that the awesome Thomas Cookware is so versatile!  One of my favorite features is the Cook and Pour lids that come with many of the pieces.

Collect & Cook #LuckyMakeMemory #sponsored

Collect & Cook #LuckyMakeMemory #Sponsored Collect and Cook #LuckyMakeMemories #Sponsored

Collect and Cook #LuckyMakeMemories #Sponsored

Collect and Cook #luckymakememories #sponsored

The pans are just the right weight, heavy enough to properly sear a steak, and the non-stick interior is perfect if for cooking without sprays and oils!  I said the lids were my favorite part, right? I just love these pans! Actually, all the features are my favorite.  Not only are these excellent stove top pans, but they can go straight from stove top to oven! I can sear and bake in one pan.  That’s less time I have to be cooking over the stove and it’s  way less cleanup.  I can make creamed spinach (a family favorite) from one pan and don’t even have to rinse it out between ingredients!

creamed spinach

From now through January 20, 2015,  Collect and Cook from SaveMart and Lucky stores! The Program is REALLY simple!

For every $10.00 you spend, with a few exceptions, such as alcohol and tobacco, you collect a stamp! Stamps earn you Free Thomas Cookware! Keep doing what you’re already doing and simply collect and cook! I spend about three times this each week on food so I’m really excited to add more items to my own collection.  I also love that there is a buy-out option that let’s you use a combination of stamps and  cash to purchase the Thomas Cookware!  The buy-out options are fantastic because they let you buy your favorite items for pennies on the dollar!


every 10 dollars you spend

These fabulous Thomas Cookware pieces are available exclusively at Lucky Supermarkets and include a range of 9 pieces designed to go straight from your stove to your oven!  There are 5 non-stick pans and 5 multi-function posts.  From stove-top to oven in another favorite feature of mine.  I can make the beans on the stove and reheat in the oven, in the same pan!

collect and cook #LuckyMakeMemories #Sponsored

The refried beans came out perfectly, and so did the Spanish rice!

Collect and Cook #LuckyMakeMemories #sponsored

Collect and Cook #LuckyMakeMemories #sponsored


Collect and Cook #LuckyMakeMemories #Sponsored


I’m really excited to earn the rest of the set! Especially with all of the changes over the last couple of weeks and the holidays just around the corner, Thomas Cookware will make my life just a little bit easier! We all deserve that.  I’m just so excited that I can earn the collection by buying the same things I always do.

Will you collect for yourself or team up with family and share?  You can  check out Lucky and the limited time Collect and Cook program on Lucky Supermarkets on their Facebook Page, Twitter, and Pinterest

By: Alicia Gonzalez