24/7 Modern Mom™ – Alicia Gonzalez & Peggy Lee Interview Bethy, Eddie, Bri, and Jordan from Master Chef, Season 4!  In our video, you’ll find some interesting details about the contestants’ lives on the Reality TV series.  They were not allowed to try other contestants dishes. I get that. I didn’t know that.  They did not spend all day cooking.  Actually, there were days they didn’t cook at all.  To pass time and survive the boredom, they made up games that involved throwing stuff! Jordan admits to be willing to throw someone under the bus, for the sake of the competition.  Although he assures us it’s not something he’d do in real life!  Bri was taking a road-trip across the US and popped into an internet cafe to chat with us.  Eddie reveals that he was mainly raised by his father! We’ll have to learn more about that.  Bethy shares why WOMEN are the better cooks! Hmmmmmm…….


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Master Chef - Bethy


Eddie Jackson

Master Chef - Eddie


Bri Kozior


Master Chef - Bri


Jordan Roots

Master Chef - Jordan


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