I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric community.  I have been compensated to share my experience with you by Collective Bias and their client, MasterCard.

Before having triplets, I didn’t mind running around the malls with my other two little ones in tow.  When my triplets were born, that all changed.  The triplets are all special needs children and keeping them safe is like an art.  Creativity is most important. Using MasterPass from MasterCard to shop online this year has rescued me from the typical stress of shopping during the holidays, and is keeping my entire family safe.  Since my children were itsy-bitsy, safety has always been my first concern.

MasterPass Protects My Family

Keeping my family and my financial information safe is priceless!  MasterCard understands this.  I wanted to do most of my shopping online this year. I didn’t want to leave traces of my credit card numbers all over the Internet.  So this year, I linked my MasterCard up to MasterPass in less than five minutes and began my shopping early!

MasterPass Simple Signup

I felt much safer linking my card to one source that will allow me easy checkout with countless online retailers , rather than entering my financial information on every site I shop from.   I have to protect my financial information from theft. I have to protect my children from physical dangers.  I have to protect my budget from impulse purchases due to extremely clever and enticing store displays. I have to protect family time from wasted time in longer-than-necessary lines. Traffic is just as time consuming. Also, I don’t want to spend $20.00 per gallon on gas. (Okay – maybe I’m exaggerating here, but it feels like $20.00!)

Although I’m doing most of my shopping online this year, I still have to go to crowded stores with the kids in tow.  Now that the clocks have been turned back an hour, it gets dark even earlier.  I am particularly nervous walking my kids through parking lots.  In order to keep them safe, I got even more creative!  I bought a large quantity of glow sticks from Glow With Us, for the kids to carry in the evenings, for when we have to visit a store or run some other errand.  Of course, I checked out using my MasterPass!

MasterPass MasterCard Check Out

When your hand is almost bigger than your babies, it changes the way you see the world.  It changes you.  It changes everything. Keeping my family safe is priceless!  MasterCard understands this.  Use MasterPass to keep you at home with your family, on budget, and feeling secure that your financial information is in good hands, and not everywhere!


We’d love to know about your clever tips for keeping your family and financial information safe.  Be sure to add MasterPass to your own personal list of safe practices!

By: Alicia Gonzalez