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Have you heard of the Mandroid? Check him out!

Isn’t that hilarious and spot on? Men should smell good.  Old Spice, the manliest men’s grooming brand on the planet, is back to inform guys that when they use Old Spice anti-perspirant and deodorant, body wash + 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner together the result is a manly, amazing, irresistible freshness from head to toes.

Antonio wanted that manly man smell some time ago, just like his dad.  In fact, his dad doesn’t use cologne at all (wish he would!) so, I count on his Old Spice products to keep me smiling.

Pedro is just beginning his manly man transformation from head to toes!

Head to Toes #Combos4Success #ad

And he started using deodorant.  (THANK YOU!!!)

Head to Toes #Combos4Success #ad

Head to Toes #Combos4Success #ad

Antonio grabs his deodorant almost before he opens his eyes.

20140926_070724 (1)

Then he applies some spray.  So, I panic a little. He’s a good looking, great smelling, athletic boy, in High School.

Head to Toes #Combos4Success #ad

And he takes it with him to “Re-Fresh!”


Head to Toes #Combos4Success #ad

I can’t get mad when they use a lot of personal hygiene products.  I just use a lot of coupons! It seems like every time I turn around, they’re opening a new bottle of shampoo, body wash, spray, or another deodorant.

Head to Toes #Combos4Success #ad
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Old Spice offers a lot of choices, so there’s something for every man in  your life!

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Thanks to Old Spice, I have a lot of reasons to celebrate, so I am!

Pedro has found his #Combos4Success! He is such an athletic boy, I’ve been trying to tell him for a while that he needed a smell fresh plan.  He really likes the Old Spice scents.  Since I saved a little bundle with my COUPONS, I hit the clearance section while I was in the store.  My savings allowed me to do that! I was so happy that Pedro is taking his personal hygiene to the next level, so he can be a manly man like his big brother and daddy, I wanted to do something special.  So, I bought an ice cream maker! Honest, I only spent a few dollars more than my savings, so I was really excited! As a mom of five, with four boys and a husband, I can tell you that bye-bye boy stink is cause for celebration! I deserve a treat.

Head to Toes #Combos4Success #ad

To experience manly head to toes freshness, download coupons from Old Spice here: Old Spice – Head to Toes Coupons!! 

Want more fresh and fun Mandroid videos? Check out Old Spice on You Tube.  You can also follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

#Combos4Success #ad

By:  Alicia Gonzalez