Medium Rose

A mother heard the growling stomach of her hungry child.

The child looked at her mother. No frown. She just smiled.

Together they scoured the fridge, pantry and drawers.

One piece of bread. Mom said, “it’s yours!”

The next day the mother took to the street.

She begged for money and watched others eat.

The day was gone. Not even a dollar was she able to land.

That same evening she returned with her daughter in hand.

People looked at them both with disapproving stares.

The daughter asked her mom why no one cares.

In a tender voice, mom said, “they simply don’t know what to feel.

They are offended that we beg. Perhaps, they’d rather we steal.”

The daughter laughed out loud, knowing there’s no way they would.

Though secretly, she wondered if they should.

Mom knew that look on her daughter’s face.

She thanked God for her dignity and prayed for grace.

She quickly wiped away the single tear that fell from her eye.

A stranger caught a glimpse as he was passing by.

From his wallet fell a one-hundred-dollar bill.

Mom quickly noticed and instantly felt ill.

“Sir, sir!” she screamed out, loud and clear.

“Sir, this is yours! Take it. Here.”

She winked at her daughter as she placed the cash in Sir’s hand.

Sir was speechless but finally muttered, “I don’t understand?”

“It was not ours to take,” said the noble mother.

Sir said to the daughter, “You’re lucky to have each other!”

Sir was dressed up fancy in all black and white.

He had been to his mother’s funeral that same night.

As Sir shared his story, he began to cry.

He remembered being the spark in his own mother’s eye.

He confessed that he had become a self-centered man.

He had not visited his mother in years. That was never his plan.

He explained how he began to trade people for things.

“In the wrong hands, misery can be the only thing money brings,”

he said to the daughter. “There’s so many things I wish I could do.”

“Sir Fancy Pants,” giggled the daughter, “that’s up to you!”

“What do you say we get a bite to eat? I’d really like to,”

said Sir to the daughter. “unless you have something else to do?”

Three lives were changed in the most unlikely way.

The family fondly reminisces about that day.

By: Alicia Gonzalez