This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Comcast. The opinions and text are all mine. My Copa America Centenario Experience: What Every Fan Needs To Know #xfinityfutbol #xfinitylatino

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If you’re new to my site, let me catch you up to speed on how I got the opportunity to see the Argentina vs. Chile game up-close-and-personal in Santa Clara, CA. I was given this opportunity through my partnership with Xfinity Latino, which delivers the best and most immersive Soccer experience for all fans.  The day after the game, my life started spinning out of control. Okay, perhaps that’s an overstatement, but it felt like pure chaos. I was buried in work, personal obligations, extraordinary parenting demands, and what seemed like an infinite amount of hurdles. I was just coming off of one of the funnest evenings of my life and the moment it was over, I could barely catch my breath. I hadn’t been this busy or stressed since Christmas. I barely had time to go through the pictures I took. When I finally did, I was so humbled by what I had experienced.

My love for soccer and a very controversial game outcome put everything into even more perspective. Do you know which game I’m talking about? It was that one recently in the Quarters that ended in 7-0, and was followed by horrible memes, fans burlando de su propio pais, and an array of negativity that do not represent soccer; the most played sport in the world! Of course, the whole scenario doesn’t really represent the fans. Sometimes, we are so passionate, emotional, involved, and invested in something, it can be hard to take a step back and see the big picture. That’s what happened to me recently, and sometimes it happens to fans. Being right there during the Argentina vs. Chile game reminded me of why I love the sport. There’s another big game tonight, and we’ll be one step closer to the finals. Soccer is full of life lessons. Before we all tune in tonight…

What Every Copa America Fan Needs To Know:

  • You never know when a player or a team is going through something.

copa america di maria

  • Every time a player gives it their all in a game, they risk a career-ending injury. Love of the sport and for their fans inspires them. So, they  play like each game could be their last. And, it could. Let’s show them some love for their unwavering dedication.

copa america fall

  • It’s a lot of pressure to be in the spotlight.

copa america in the spotlight

  • We win and lose as a TEAM. Even the greatest player in the world, doesn’t win games alone. At the game I was so lucky to attend, he didn’t even play. He shared a bond with 69,451 people. He sat there and watched, as a fan of the game.

copa america players

copa america starters

copa america attendance

  • The difference between boys and men is respect. No matter who wins or loses, the best players share a mutual respect, not just for their own team, but for the opposing team, as well.

copa america pride

copa america respect

copa america respect

  • Don’t give up on your team! They won’t give up on you. In my Copa America experience, the clock hit 90 and the score was 2-0. Argentina was in the lead over Chile. 3 more minutes were added to the game. The final score…

copa america final score

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Here are some more photos from my Copa America experience. Enjoy!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Comcast. The opinions and text are all mine.

By: Alicia Gonzalez