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What does a 24/7 Modern Mom™ do all day?

Welcome to my Secret Life. I’m a high-roller! It’s not cool, like it sounds.  I mean, in my life, the stakes are high, every day! I live a life that is impossible to keep up with.  I know that.  Yet, I can’t give up on any of it.  There are musts: Attend to the children’s basic needs, meet work deadlines (not always) and put a bra on, at least at some point during the day.

I organize and plan and most of it blows up in my face.  I get up every day. I survive the day.  I keep surviving them.  Every day is the same, in the sense that every day is something completely different, without rhyme or reason.  The only exception, is Tuesdays.  For a never-to-be-understood-by-me reason, Tuesdays are my BIG days.  Everything happens on Tuesdays.  It all comes together or it all falls apart on a Tuesday.  Last week, it all fell apart.  Today, it all came together. I want to tell you all about it, but first…

I should tell you about my secret life…

There are so many things that you already know about me, but there are some others you probably don’t know.  I guess it’s time I told you about them.

Things you probably know:

  • I’m a Puerto Rican/Italian married to a Mexican.  We’re mad and loud. My husband thinks tortillas go with everything, even hotdogs!
  • I have five kids – 14, 10, 4, 4, & 4 years-old.
  • I drive a mini-van.  I don’t know that I’ll ever embrace that.  I try to.  I’d rather be cruisin’ in a Hennessey Venom GT!
  • I cook a lot because my kids eat a lot.
  • I talk with my hands.
  • I don’t have a problem posting pics of me looking like ICK, because I can sometimes clean up nicely.

Things you might know:

  • I’m super social. (Like, just hang up on me and tell me your phone died, because I don’t stop talking.)
  • I always have a new idea.
  • I’m incapable of going fan-girl over some celebrity.  It’s not that I can’t admire someone’s work, prestige, etc., but I spent most of my childhood being told or looked at as if I would never “amount to anything.”  I built up thick-skin and gained a priceless wisdom.  First, no one in this world can take away my worth.  Second, just because someone is big, it doesn’t make me little.  I say what’s up to Wesley, the homeless guy, the same way I would say what’s up to Michelle Obama.  Really, that’s just me.  It might be an honor to be in someone’s presence (or even in their circle) but I don’t doubt that I’m just as worthy.  For the record, so are you!
  • I’m super philosophical.
  • I’m incredibly positive.  I can trick myself into seeing the bright side of the worst situations.  It’s how I cope.
  • The triplets were super premature.  They have Autism.  They are verbal.  They are all incredibly different. They changed my life and especially the way I parent.  They made me a better person.
  • I’m always right, no?

Things you probably don’t know:

  • The last grade I graduated from was Kindergarten.  Yet, I’ve been studying all my life. I taught at Berkeley.  None of this is what you might think, but it’s probably close.
  • I was in Foster Homes.
  • I was an emancipated minor.
  • I was a Cheerleader and ran for Student Body President in High School.
  • I want to leave my footprints, hand prints, voice, and legacy in this world.
  • I hate my hair. When I was little, kids called me Medussa.
  • I never met my father.  I never tried to find him. I’ve always been indifferent about it. I’ve never taken it personally.
  • When I was younger, I dreamed of being a Mommy AND a PTA President.  I did both.  I like the mommy part! PTA President? Uh, never again!
  • I go to school full-time.  I study Psychology.  It’s just because I want to.  I don’t plan on “working” in the field.
  • I’m a Real Estate Broker and have been working on launching an Office in Southern California, in partnership with a close friend.
  • I’ve been slowly and inconspicuously working on a Non Profit I founded, the Kaitlyn Gonzalez Foundation.
  • I’m launching a new niche site, ShesTechy.com
  • I believe EVERYTHING is possible.
  • I believe, I CAN.  I know, I CAN.
  • There are therapists working with the triplets, in my home, Monday – Friday, for many hours each day.  They are all wonderful, don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t change anything because it’s for the benefit of my children.  But most days, I feel like a guest in my own home.
  •  I spend 15-20 hours per week just dealing with administrative type things regarding my children and their difabilities.
  • Pedro is brilliant.  There’s nothing I’d change about him.  He was recently diagnosed with ADHD.  No surprise there, but it’s another bullet-point on the list of things I need to deal with NOW, before the school year ends.
  • I have to move.  I don’t know where we’re moving.  I’d like to stay in the East Bay.
  • Our family got some very sad news recently.  Prayers are welcome.
  • I say bad words in real life.
  • I write poems everyday.  I usually throw them out.  Remind me not to do that anymore!
  • All of my five children were born in emergency C-Sections.
  • Most of the time, I judge the success of my day based on what time in the day I managed to get a bra on.
  • I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish.  I didn’t grow up speaking Italian.  English was my first language.  I was kind of bitter about that.
  • I mostly learned Spanish so I could effectively rat out my husband to my mother-in-law.  I’m a tattle tale!
  • It’s not BS.  I am genuinely and ridiculously excited about the success of my friends and even strangers.
  • My life’s dream? I Aspire to Inspire!

I often forget what I was saying. What was this post about? Oh! I wanted to tell you about my day.  Check it out, HERE.

By:  Alicia Gonzalez