#NaturalDay Sanah Jivani

Some moments are unforgettable. 

I’ll never forget the moment I opened an email from Sanah Jivani, 16-year-old Founder of Natural Day. In the email, Sanah introduced herself, the #NaturalDay movement, and closed with this:

Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in sharing and participating in. I’m just a sixteen year old girl with a dream, and it would honestly mean the world to me.

Thank you so much!

Her email meant the world to me!

Sanah’s Story

Sanah Jivani, was diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of three.  It is a hair loss condition that caused Sanah to lose her beautiful head of hair and begin a journey of self-destruction.  Sanah wore wigs and injured herself.

Soon she realized wearing a wig wouldn’t make her any more beautiful than she already was. Her true beauty came from letting go of her insecurities and loving herself. This is when she realized the power of loving yourself in your own natural way. She had a life-changing moment of courage.  On a video shared on her personal Facebook page, Sanah revealed her decision to go without wigs the following school year.  She then asked others to be their own definition of beauty. “Natural Day” and the movement was born.

#247ModernMom and #NicheParent Join Forces to Support Sanah

After a little chat with Sanah, I shared her dream! So, it was no surprise when Nadia Jones, Founder of #NicheParent, responded to a post I put on Facebook, with just as much enthusiasm as I had when I opened Sanah’s email.  Sanah is doing something amazing, for herself and for the world.  We are so excited to have the opportunity to join forces and support Sanah by using Social Media for good! I worry about my own children and the pressures to look a certain way.  I am thankful to Sanah for having the courage to Redefine Beauty, and challenge others to “be your own definition of beauty!”

#NaturalDay is February 13, 2014. Join us February 12 at 9 pm EST for a Twitter chat to celebrate our own definition of what natural beauty means.  Whether that means going without a wig, skipping make up, or letting go of any insecurities you may have about your body or self worth, we want everyone to feel beautiful inside and out, just the way they are.

Join the #NaturalDay Chat Tonight! 

Click below to watch Sanah’s heartfelt story.

We’re all in and I hope you are too!  RSVP Here then Click to Tweet and invite others! I’m going natural with @SanahJivani on #NaturalDay! Will you join the movement? RSVP here http://wp.me/p1YBrj-16g

“Be your own definition of beauty” – Sanah Jivani.

Go to http://westophate.org/natural-day/ for more details.

FOLLOW @SanahJivani on Twitter Tweet using #naturalday


Oh, and when we say that #NaturalDay is a movement, that’s for real!

According to Fox News, the day is being shared in 28 countries! We have to keep going!

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By:  Alicia Gonzalez