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Creating New Traditions

The triplets will be five in January and they are starting to develop so much of the curiosity and joy that comes with the anticipation of Christmas.  At times I feel like they miss out on some things typical children get to experience.  For example, we still don’t have a Christmas tree and chances are, we won’t.  While I was cooking dinner the other day, I let them watch cartoons in Antonio’s room.  I literally checked on them every 2-4 minutes.  Yet, they somehow managed to make several large and permanent scratches on Antonio’s TV.  It’s my job to keep them safe.  That made me even more concerned about getting a tree this year.  I worry that a small window of 2-4 minutes of unsupervised activity (you know, like running to the rest room) could give them just enough opportunity to get hurt with a tree.  I still want to encourage their excitement and create new traditions the whole family can enjoy.  The other day I found an entire aisle in Walmart of Hallmark Northpole products that have me as excited as the triplets are!  We are loving the #NorthpoleFun brought to us by #CollectiveBias.

Northpole Aisle


Hallmark Is Bringing The Magic To Life

The Northpole Communicator

I’m pretty sure this is my favorite pre-Christmas toy this year and I still don’t even know everything it can do! From Dec.1 through Dec. 25 the kids can dial into the Northpole and talk with Santa’s Elves.  They can only do it ONCE per day, so you’ll definitely want to have the whole family together when you communicate.  We’re especially excited because this toy will have new cartridges for the years to follow it’s debut this year.  I love creating new family traditions.  I tried to explain to Enrique that the elves aren’t answering, just yet.  He still wanted to try it for himself.  My independent boy! This is the first year the triplets really have an idea about Christmas and I’m going to do everything in my power to make it magical.  So, I might have bought at least one of each of every Northpole product.  It was so hard to pick just a couple.  I do think the Communicator will be my favorite but everything else is a close second.

Yes, Just Like The One On TV (and IN THE MOVIE)

A neighbor boy was at our house the other day and he got quite excited when he saw all our Northpole goodies.  He asked if the Communicator was just like the one he saw on TV. “It’s not just on TV, sweetheart, it’s in a movie!” I told him.

Northpole Movie

The Night Before Christmas Book

Northpole Christmas


It’s Snowing & We Have a Magic Snowball

Northpole Snow

Can’t Wait to Make Santa’s Cookies

Northpole Cookies

But What If He Can’t Find Us?

Not to worry! We have a special Northpole Find Me, Santa! Snowflake

Northpole Star
So Much Magic

Northpole Products

Bring On The New Family Traditions!

Aside from the need to work a little more on sharing, we are loving ALL of our #NorthpoleFun! What are some of your favorite family traditions?

Northpole Instructions

Northpole Snowby



By: Alicia Gonzalez