#Shop #CollectiveBias #MyColectivaWhether you’ve been blogging for years or have just begun…

It probably didn’t take you long to figure out that blogueras Latinas have a special niche! Understanding and being a part of the Hispanic market can give your site the edge! Unfortunately, we often don’t know how to use that to our advantage, so we don’t. When I started blogging, I didn’t write about my culture.  I talked to other blogueras about my hesitance to write in Spanish or Spanglish and weave the culture I’m so proud of, into the fabric of my site.  Many blogueras had the same concerns.  Mainly, it was hard to find a place for us to shine and grow.  Honestly, it just seemed like the opportunities for blogueras Latinas were limited.  I am a proud Latina.  Yet, I was also afraid of working myself into a niche that might impede my growth.  I was really torn!  I wanted the brands to see the special value of bloggers in our niche.  I wanted to join forces with a network that would support my growth, como una bloguera fabulosa y profesional.

And then there was…

#Sponsored #MyColectiva Blogueras Latinas Logo.jpgWhen blogueras latinas within the #CollectiveBias community began asking for more opportunities and offering ideas on how to increase the participation of blogueras Latinas who were already members of the community, #CollectiveBias answered loud and clear.  Certainly we expected that they would be receptive.  They went way beyond that! They created an entire Division, just for us!  It was truly a humbling experience that I feel honored to be a part of. It was created by Latinos, for Latinos, allowing us to create culturally relevant content for our people, the Latino/Hispanic community! 

Before joining my new virtual family…

My sponsored content looked something like this:

#Sponsored #MyCollectiva Pre-Community Post

You can check out the entirely embarrassing post, here.  I haven’t removed it from the site because we should always look back long enough to see how far we’ve come!  I appreciated the brand in this shameful post.  I did.  I just didn’t have the experience, support, training, and inspiration to make my content pop!

Thanks to #CollectiveBias, sub-par work developed into featured work…

#Shop #ChooseSmart #Cbias Hallelujah Jalapeno Burger

This post was featured and continues to be included on the Smart & Final website, here.  Blog posts become outdated almost as quickly as technology.  It is hard to maintain regular traffic on old content.  Not only do I continue to see regular traffic on this post from three months ago, I continue to see regular traffic on most of my content that is posted through a #CollectiveBias opportunity.  My content is shared over and over by the community because we support each other in an amazing way!

Because #CollectiveBias and #MyColectiva expect the best from me, they bring out the best in me…

#shop #MyColectiva #portableprotein in the car

#Shop #myColectiva #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias Pedro

#Spon #MyColectiva

Since launching my site, just over a year ago…

Social Fabric® became one of my favorite networks for connecting with brands and monetizing my site.  They have so many opportunities for sponsored content because of the rock-solid relationships they build with the brands.  They even invest their own money, offering a variety of ways to earn additional income, whether through special market research posts, work within the same great community, or even as an employee.  They offer an incredible variety of FREE courses to community members, with spot-on content for the beginner and the novice, through their exclusive University! They promote from within and rejoice in our growth.  They want our own brands to be successful!  In fact, they spend their own time, energy, and money to support our individual success in a way I’ve yet to find anywhere else.  They listen to their community.  And they are listening to OURS!  I’m proud to be part of the Social Fabric® community, and member of Collective Bias® and the newest #Cbias division, ColectivaLatina.  You will be too!

WE invite you to apply to join us today!

#Spon #MyColectiva Logo 2

Want to know more?

Be sure to join us for the #MyColectiva twitter party on Wednesday 26th at 9-10pm ET to learn more about ColectivaLatina. We will be giving away $550 in Visa gift cards during the party. To participate, RSVP HERE!  You can follow @ColectivaLatina on Twitter, HERE!

Feeling like this might all be too good to be true?

Ha! I know.  That’s kind of what I thought too, before I became a proud and active member.  Since then, things have only gotten better! Most recently, Social Fabric® created another exclusive community member benefit, the Mentor Program.  Becoming a Mentor with Social Fabric® was a great honor.  Yes, I am a mentor.  I have taken the courses, been mentored, and continue to grow professionally because of this fabulous place.  I consider it a privilege to give back to the community that has given so much to me. Social Fabric® goes the extra mile to make sure that you have every bit of support you need to make your dreams become a reality. As a Mentor, I’ve helped people with technical issues within WordPress,  enhancing SEO, increasing traffic, and even finding innovative time-management and organization systems to help members create even better content in less time.  I’ve supported members with goal setting and planning for their personal brands.  Shoot, there’s even a goal setting course! Like I said, the opportunities and support are endless.

A year ago I’d barely stopped asking people what #FF and RT are…

Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of great places out there.  I have lots of them featured on my side bar.  But by far, Social Fabric has pushed me and helped me to grow the most! I will always be grateful.  Without all the great people who have supported my journey, I would still be asking those questions.  There is no way I can keep this to myself.  I WANT YOU TO JOIN! I want to SHARE the benefits of this community and watch you reach YOUR goals.  There is room for all of us.

Don’t forget the #MyColectiva twitter party on Wednesday 26th at 9-10pm ET.  I’d love for you to win some of the $550 in Visa gift cards. Remember to RSVP HERE!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez