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I always plan to eat a well-balanced diet, get some exercise, and pack in my protein needs throughout the day.  Sometimes, even a good plan is a bust and nothing goes as expected.  Most of you know that this is the theme of my life! That’s why the best plans include a #PortableProtein plan.  The NEW Oscar Mayer P3 Portable Protein Packs are nutritious and yummy snacks packed with protein!  They were super easy to find in the Lunchmeat section at Walmart!

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The day started out with a plan to to pick up all those household items I didn’t pick up when I went  grocery shopping.  It was going to be a nice couple of hours around town, alone.  I mean, without ANY children.  I love them.  I adore them.  I just… I need some me time too, right? Then the unexpected happened.  I told you, it’s part of my norm. I went from a plan to run errands alone to the unexpected reality of running errands with seven kids in tow.

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Of course, errands took much longer than my original plan to go alone and so did the ride home! I found myself stopped in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  I needed a snack that would give me a balanced pick-me-up. Luckily, I had just got my stash of #portableprotein. I grabbed a protein pack from the bags and was no longer in that ugly-hungry mood.  I could have gobbled them down, but I preferred to savor the yum and maintain a healthy balance, refraining from any overindulgence. One pack was enough to give me a balanced pick-me-up.

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P3 is protein times three. You get an appropriately sized serving of #MeatCheeseNuts.

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They come in four delicious varieties:

  • Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast
  • Applewood Smoked Ham
  • Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast
  • Slow Roasted Turkey Breast

When I got home, I saw a neighbor doing some serious Sunday cleaning.  She looked like she really needed her own little pick-me-up, so I whipped together a little good-neighbor basket to take over to her.  She was cleaning, so there was no way she was going to let me take her picture! She did say that it was exactly what she needed at the moment!  Don’t we all?

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When you’ve gotta run, plan for the unexpected and grab some #portableprotein to take along.

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As always, thank you #CollectiveBias for bringing us another great product that meets the 24/7 Modern Mom™ Mission of Simple Solutions for Complicated Lives!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez

Illustrations:  Kayti Welsh