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That smile! It gave me such joy to see your smiles with every accomplishment. Tying your shoes, getting your seatbelt on all by yourself and your first-ever soccer goal brought you such excitement. You appreciated the little things. You were willing to put in the hard work to achieve a goal, even at the youngest age. You never let a failure get in your way of reaching your goals. Instead, you kept trying and worked harder. Somehow, every failure led you to a new success.

Parenting Then and Now


So, you decided that this was the year you were going to become a YouTuber. Even though you didn’t have the equipment, know-how or extra time in your already busy schedule, you did it. That smile! Since you didn’t have any equipment to edit videos, you taught yourself how to edit on your gaming system. You put yourself on a schedule, held yourself accountable and made it happen. You’re so proud. Friends look up to you and are inspired by your positivity and tenacity. They love how you never give up. You’ve become the encourager in your group.

Parenting Then and Now

So many beautiful changes over the years. You always keep trying and smile along the way. May that always stay the same!

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