This is a sponsored post. I got a free Personalized Santa Book for Kaitlyn. All opinions are my own. 

I enjoyed this product so much that I’ve added it to the 24/7 Modern Mom™ Picks category of our HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE! When Kaitlyn’s personalized book arrived she screeched when she saw the cover of the book, in recognition of a word that looked just like her name! Well, it was her name, right there on the cover! I read it out loud, “Santa is coming to Kaitlyn’s House! This is the first book she didn’t try to use as a supply for her confetti-making obsession.  She rips and rips and rips the pages of most books the second my eyes turn away.  It’s a real problem in our house.  Her brother’s do the same.  We put the book on the fireplace for safekeeping at night.  The kids are just as excited to put the book in a safe place as they are to get it from that place, and listen to mommy read it before bed.  This is their new favorite book.  The other day, they all chose this book over the iPad! #truestory

Honestly, if you don’t get one, I’ll be shaking my head at you! These are fabulous! AND – they have a SUPER DEAL going on right now!  I’ll share it at the end of this post.  The book sells for 32.99.  Even at that reasonable price, I’m hooked on Put Me In The Story books! Hooked, I tell you 😉 Wait till you see the deal. Your kids will love their personalized book from mommy & daddy OR Santa? I just want more and more.  I’d even like my own personalized book. What? I like them!

At, parents and can upload their child’s photo with a special message on the dedication page, see their child’s name printed on the cover—Santa is Coming to “Jadyn’s” House—and threaded throughout the text as part of the story.

Santa Personalized Book #sponsored

In Santa is Coming to My House, kids will star alongside Santa as he navigates his way from the North Pole all the way to your house. Santa’s ready to deliver his presents but the trip isn’t going as planned! With a failing navigation system and a huge snowstorm, Santa and his reindeer will have to pull together (and expertly avoid some really tall buildings!) to get the gifts delivered in time. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Santa’s journey as he travels from north to east and all over the globe to land at your house.

Santa Personalized Book 2 #sponsored

Throughout the book, your child will find their name.  You can get creative too! If you can’t get a book for each child and want them to share one, use the family last name.  In the dedication area use the kids first names.  Kaitlyn’s “dedication” says, “Enrique, Andres, & Kaitlyn are good. They Listen & Follow Directions! Mommy, Daddy, & Santa are proud!” You know what though – this great deal will probably have you getting one for each kiddie in your family and extended family too!

Now, drum roll please! Would you believe me if I told you that you could get this personalized book for just $14.00, if you act NOW? Nah.  I didn’t think so.  Seeing is believing! Check out this amazing Living Social Deal, HERE! This won’t last so get your copy now.  Again, I remind you that all opinions are my own.  I really do love this book and will be getting more.  I think you’ll agree.

Let us know about the great reactions your kids get.  Kaitlyn tried to take it to school, by hiding it in her backpack.  She wanted to show it to her teacher.  She has never asked to “show” something to her teacher before.  This was a hit! So, go.

By: Alicia Gonzalez