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It wasn’t that long ago that I thought my only daughter, Kaitlyn, would never ever like Princesses. Actually, she hated anything that resembled princesses and dolls. She especially hated blond hair and blue eyes. As a child with Autism, she was extremely rigid about certain things. For a very long time, she had major meltdowns anytime she saw someone’s button undone, their zipper unzipped, or shoes untied. Imagine how difficult just going to the store was for her. She’s come a long way, and continues to impress me with her developing skills and ability to be more flexible. A year ago, we often weren’t invited to birthday parties. Since then, we’ve celebrated a lot of birthdays and have even thrown a few just-for-fun parties. Kaitlyn’s becoming social; which is a huge milestone!  In fact, she already has her upcoming birthday planned out in her own head. She wants a Princess Birthday party! The other day, she asked me to make a Princess Castle for her party. I’ve never made one before, but I promised I’d try. Of course, incase I completely failed, I decided to get started right away. I thought it might take some practice. I really surprised myself with this one, because the castle turned out adorable and it was so easy to make! This is going to be the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!


Princess Birthday Supplies

I headed over to Walmart to pick up some party supplies. In the Celebration Center, I found the cutest Disney Princess – American Greetings birthday decorations.

For the castle, I used the Room Transformation Kit, two table covers, and one package of the (3) Table Top Princesses. Of course, I got a few more adorable things, because I couldn’t resist!


Princess Birthday Castle Tutorial


Use boxes, cut down to about 3 1`/2 – 4 inches for the width. Then I placed the first two boxes together, cutting off one end, and adjusted the length to approximately 20 inches. I secured it with tape. I adjusted the other two boxes so they fit inside these two and make one complete box, secured with packaging tape.


Cut a large hole into the top of the finished box to store the treats inside.


At the bottom of the box, make three slits into the cardboard. (like a rectangle, minus one side) Fold the cut cardboard into the box to secure. (At the end of assembly, attach a string to the slit carboard. When you are ready to release the treats, just hold the castle up in the air and pull the string from the bottom. The treats and/or party favors will come out. You can also mix in cut up streamers and confetti.)


(In the picture, I was just checking the alignment. FIRST, Wrap the entire box with a cut peice of a table cover.) Attach 1 of the large Window decors to one side of the box. It will be taller than the box. Do the same to the other side. There are three in the kit.



This is what it will look like from the side. Secure each top part of the castle together with tape.


For the towers, I used two empty chips cylinders. You can also just fold construction paper and tape it together in the shape of a cylinder. For the crown-cut tops, cut the design strip part of the third large window decor.  Cut slits about 1/3 deep, all the way around the strip. Cut off every-other section for the crown-look. There are two strips on each of the large window decors. This means you’ll use up both on the third decal, that was not used for the front and back of your box.


Wrap your cylinder around with streamer paper, layering as you go. Secure with tape.


Cut another piece of streamer to the circumfrence of the tower. Fold that into several layers and cut slits to 1/2 of the depth. Attach with tape the the bottom part of the crown at the top of your tower.


Use tap to lightly attach the towers to each side of the castle. Secure with a strip of ribbon wrapped around each tower and the castle frame. Hold firmly in place and tie.


Attach four long (thin) dangling hearts to each tower with tape.


Create the gate by taping the top of the third long window decor (which will already be cut out from cutting the tower crowns earlier) to the bottom of the castle. Tape strips of ribbon on each side of the gate to the bottom of the castle.


Attach a large princess heart with tape to the top part of the castle. Attach a long dangling heart to the large heart. Repeat on the other side. Top each side of the castle with a table top princess (and skirt) Each side will show two princesses.

Now, you’re ready for the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, too!


By: Alicia Gonzalez