This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Comcast and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. My Secret Project During the 2018 Soccer Games, Revealed

Recently, I told you guys about my day of pampering with fellow influencers. What you didn’t know is that we all got to be part of a fun project. We made a commercial!

Soccer Games 2018

Check out my 2018 Soccer Games Project!

You may have seen it already from my friends as they’ve been rooting for our favorite teams. But, this is the first time I’m sharing it! It’s a great recap of all the amazing features Comcast brought to the viewing experience and what you can continue to expect from them for special sporting events. Thanks to Xfinity’s X1 platform, everyone can be pampered.

Monday morning is going to be hard for me to watch because two of my favorite teams are playing. I don’t know which one to root for. I think I’ll be happy no matter who wins. The soccer championship this summer  is the single most watched sporting event, and Comcast NBCUniversal brings the excitement of the tournament to customers by delivering the most advanced and comprehensive, bi-cultural viewing experience. The whole X1 experience caters to the viewers’ every desire.


soccer live stream influencers

Only one thing was a bigger spotlight that Comcast’s advanced features, and that’s him! It’s Jasmine’s baby. He made the rounds for sure, because every one wanted to baby-holding-time.

2018 Soccer Games Baby

That’s Jasmine of Simply Real Moms, below on your left.

soccer live stream team lips

One of the reasons I’ve been collaborating with Comcast so long is because they really work hard to get it right. When they see an opportunity to do better, they do. Community is important to them, so they give back like no other company. They want everyone to have access to the internet, so no one is left behind on technology and information. They offer the most affordable internet available anywhere, to qualifying customers.

Comcast never settles for good enough. They are also pushing forward to provide it’s customers with the best experience, service and products.

Here’s a Recap of what you should know and what  you can expect for the 2018 Soccer Games!

For the first time Xfinity TV customers are be able to receive notifications on their TV or mobile phone, letting them know when their favorite team is about to begin play. But, there’s so much more to the story. The Xfinity X1 platform is also exceeding expectations with the bilingual tools. Even the remote is bilingual and knows how to distinguish between English and Spanish as you speak. Comcast is leading the bicultural/bilingual experience in entertainment. 

Soccer is a passion for Hispanics. Comcast is the nation’s largest cable provider of Spanish-language programming and offers more than 60 Spanish-language channels.

With Xfinity, you can follow a country, specific player, check stats, watch replays, and even see markers in your playback bar for action items, such as goals, penalties and yellow cards, so you can go straight to the action, if you want!

Comcast is building and continually enhancing these same experiences for all major sports. Since the Rio Olympics in 2016,  Comcast has been using marquis sporting events like the Olympics and soccer games to showcase different features of the X1 platform can come together to deliver a viewing experience unlike anything else out there today.

X1 integrates all soccer live stream linear coverage from Telemundo and FOX with full-game replays. I highly recommend downloading the sports app!

soccer live stream 2018 games


soccer live stream 2018 games

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By: Alicia Gonzalez