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Quick snack ideas help our family to never leave home, hungry!

As a large family of seven, unplanned trips to the drive-thru, taco truck, or convenience store can break the budget, fast! There is a general rule in my house that we don’t leave home, hungry.  If we plan to eat out that’s okay, but we try not to spend money just because we’re too busy to eat at home.  That can get expensive, so we depend on quick snack ideas! Our chaotic schedules keep the kids on-the-go.  They keep me on-the-go.  Our meal times might be rushed, but we try to enjoy them together. I know it’s cheesy, but we bond over a plate of classic Macaroni & Cheese!  I love sharing my childhood favorites with my children.


Even the Dollar Menu at the drive-thru can get very expensive in my family!

We’re constantly on-the-go and our schedules can be super chaotic! On the days when we’re mostly at home, it seems like I never leave the kitchen.  By the time I’m done cleaning up after breakfast, I’m rushing to prepare lunch.  Once again, I clean. Before I can catch my breath, I’m starting dinner! With Summer vacation just a few weeks away, I’m preparing for the excitement stress of having the kids home during the day.  I’m in even more desperate need of quick snack ideas!  I couldn’t pass up the awesome #1DollarDeals when I was at Walmart the other day.  It’s not only more inexpensive than the Dollar Menu at the Drive Thru, it also ends up being faster.

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I was so excited about the great deals that inspired so many quick snack ideas, I even went back to stock up! Thanks for letting me know about these can’t beat em’ prices, #CollectiveBias!

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Simple. Satisfying. Savvy!

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Homemade Pudding Pops are the perfect after-snack treat!


#shop Quick Snack Ideas Instant Pudding Pops

They should eat their snack first but mom can’t wait for them to have just a little taste!

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I rely on my little food critic to give her honest opinions!



You can’t beat 10 Minute Meals for Under $10 & TWO THUMBS UP!

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What are your family’s favorite quick snack ideas? We’d love to hear about them. The more ideas, the merrier!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez