Ride the Ducks-Splash

WE loved our Duck Ride!  The whole 24/7 Modern Mom™ family and Angie went to Ride the Duck in San Francisco.  The first thing that blew my mind was when the driver dropped the windshield onto the hood, creating an open view for pictures!  This ride had a super fun driver, great music from all genres to “quack” along to, and a whole lot of pedestrians taking notice of our fun crew!


As we toured the streets of San Francisco, with great historical commentary and humor, courtesy of our driver and guide, we found a new appreciation for this city we already loved so much.

We couldn’t wait for the SPLASH!  The kids guessed that the wheels retreat into the vehicle once it hits the water.  Wrong! What happens? Well, the wheels get wet.  Yep! The not-so-secret, secret, is that the bus stays just the way it is on the streets, with the exception of a propeller that gets it cruising in the water. Cool, eh? We thought so!

There is plenty of room for the whole family.  We sat in the back where the entrance ladder turns into a bench seat.  Since we are so many people, we needed more seats but we were still able to stick together.  In the back, we had a chance to observe the other riders.  Everyone was quacking and smiling! The group of passengers made me proud to be a part of the Bay Area! There was a range of ages and nationalities.  We were all on the same ride, as is so true in life! (Notice all of the life jackets, for all ages – Safety First!)


That well-mannered little boy in the back wants to drive! And he did.  EVERYONE can drive.  You can’t say that about most tour rides.


While being a passenger has it’s perks, there is nothing like being the DRIVER! And here we go….



Fun for everyone!


Wait…… But where is 24/7 Modern Dad™ ???? Oh yea, he’s taking the picture!

We truly quacked up for the entire ride, both on land and on water.  You will too!  Why am I saying this?  What do I get out of it?  Well, we got to ride the duck at no cost to us.  What I’ve written here, is all me!  I’ve reviewed products and events that I didn’t like.  In those cases, I tell the truth, and let the company know what I “plan” to write.  Usually, that truth results in the absence of a review altogether, per the request of the company.

What I don’t do, is write something I don’t mean.  Grab the kids, let loose, get your silly on, and ride (DRIVE) the duck! I mean that 😉