I was provided with a Roku 3 at no cost to me for review of the product for 24/7 Modern Mom™.

I’d been hearing about the Roku for some time.  I’d seen it as the Editor’s Pick for a variety of review sites.  I’d thought about getting one for a while.  My son Pedro couldn’t stop talking about the Roku.  He is like a live 24/7 commercial for any product he thinks is a winner.  He was sure about it! I kept asking how he knew if he had never used one.  He gave me a very curious look and declared his brilliant idea.  “SEND AN EMAIL!”  That was it. “Huh?” was pretty much my response.  He said, “You know – send an email to Roku and ask if you can review their product! Do you think they’re going to say no? You’re 24/7 Modern Mom™ – DUH!” Then I gave him a rather curious look.  But I did send that email and they sent us a Roku.

 Roku 3 Editor's Pick #spon

One of the reason’s the Roku 3 is the Editor’s Pick for tech this season is because of it’s compact size.  There is no worry about where to store it, which can be a problem with some other products.  It’s lightweight and I kid you not, it was set up in minutes! I love a product that is super powerful yet keeps it simple.  It offers up to 1080p HD, Dual-band wireless (Wi-Fi a/b/g/n compatible), 750+ channels, and hundreds of thousands of entertainment choices.

I can’t believe I lived so long without a Roku.  I actually want one in every room.  The Roku 3 is super fast.   My nice High Definition TV has Hulu built into the apps center but it used to always time out and the video quality is superior when I stream it through the Roku 3.  There is so much POW packed into this tiny gadget.  It truly is my favorite gift idea for the season.  It’s affordable too.  It retails in stores Nationwide, on Roku.com and Amazon.com for a suggested retail price of just $99.99.  In fact, Roku is offering $10.00 off on the Roku 3, through the end of the month.

Did I mention it has a motion control for playing games like the Full Version Angry Birds Space (INCLUDED!) and headphones jack (headphones INCLUDED!) and a MicroSD card slot?  My son Pedro, was speechless for at least 10 minutes. He called the Roku makers “entertainment geniuses!”  I think he’s right.

This isn’t just a gift for the kids.  This is great for the entire family!  It’s perfect for college students.  It’s perfect for moms.  It’s perfect for grandparents.  It’s perfect for teens.  There is a channel for every interest.  We don’t fight over the control anymore.  We fight over the Roku 3 control!  Here are the highlights of the Roku 3.

Key Features

  • The fastest, most responsive Roku experience ever
  • One-stop search across top movies and TV shows
  • Remote with built-in headphone jack for private listening
  • Motion control for playing games like Angry Birds Space
  • Free app for iOS® and Android™ devices
  • 750+ channels, hundreds of thousands of entertainment choices
  • Up to 1080p HD
  • Dual-band wireless (Wi-Fi a/b/g/n compatible)
  • Ethernet and USB ports, plus MicroSD slot for adding extra storage
  • Includes in-ear headphones and Angry Birds Space game

What’s On

  • Movies and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster On Demand, Crackle, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Vudu
  • Authenticated channels including HBO GO, EPIX, FOX NOW (coming soon) and TWC TV
  • Live and on-demand sports from MLB.TV Premium, MLS and UFC NBA Game Time, NHL GameCenter Live,
  • Music from Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, Amazon Cloud Player, MOG, Rdio, Live 365 and TuneIn Radio
  • Photos and videos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Shutterfly, Plex and Vimeo
  • News and weather from WSJ Live, CNBC Real-time, FoxNews, NBC News, Weather Underground, The Onion
  • Casual games like Angry Birds Space, Downhill Bowling, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Suduko
  • Kids, International, Lifestyle, Tech, Spirituality as well as Fitness and Outdoors

Be sure to check out Pedro’s You Tube debut with his review of the Roku 3 at the top of  this post.  Remember, we try not to edit too much around here so the video is pretty raw, but the recording is of his very honest opinions.  He considers himself an expert on all things Roku 3.  I’m still having to listen to him brag about how right he was that the Roku 3 IS A WINNER!

Don’t forget to save $10.00 off your Roku 3!  Come back to tell us what you or your gift recipient love most about the Roku 3.  I wonder if we could run a giveaway of the Roku 3, here on 24/7 Modern Mom™.  It doesn’t hurt to ask! *wink*

*** As is true with all technology, parents should monitor their children’s use.  Other programs, services, and applications, accessible through the Roku 3, may contain both free and paid content which is not appropriate for your children.  The Roku 3 does not have strong parental control features.  Most well known services such as Netflix, Hulu, and others have settings within the program/service that can be adjusted for parental controls.  Capabilities vary between service/channel/etc.  The Roku 3 may display the services/channels differently than when the same service is used on another device, such as your TV, tablet, or computer.  Once the Roku is set up, it is basically plug-in ready.  You can unplug it and remove it, to limit access to the device when your supervision is not possible, just as you would with other technological gadgets.  Your settings will be saved for the next time you reconnect your Roku 3.  Parents should use their personal discretion and content monitoring strategies with all technology. ***

By:  Alicia Gonzalez