The DIY Sensory Activities Table provides fun and learning all year long. 

It’s  great way to help kids develop fine motor skills and experiment with different textures. 

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Sensory Activities Table

This DIY Sensory Table is portable so now you can share the fun at playdates, too!

I have simple dreams for my children. Being the parent of triplets with Autism changed me in so many unexpected ways. I do not think less of them or their abilities, but I do not wish them to carry out my dreams for them. I wish that I may help them carry out THEIR own dreams. Maybe there are many other parents who are already here, but I wasn’t. It took having Autistic triplets for my whole parenting approach to change. The truth is, I thought this was my approach, but I always found myself having very specific desires and activities for my older children.

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Sensory Play

I changed my parenting approach with them, too. Honestly, I’m still working on perfecting these skills, but I work on them every day.  My when-my-kids-grow-up dreams were the first thing to shift. I don’t dream about where I want them to go, what I want them to do, or how I want them to be. I want my children to grow up to be whoever they should become. Whether my children want to be doctors, travel with a circus, or inspect homes for termites, I’ve realized that what they do for a living will never determine their quality of life. Helping them overcome sensory aversions gives them more opportunites to explore interests.

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Learning Should Be Fun!

So, I want each of my children to have the freedom to do whatever makes them feel fulfilled. Whatever that may be. While they figure that out in the years to come, the best way I can help them is by exposing them to possibilities and giving them opportunities. For the triplets, that means first helping them overcome many obstacles. Their first major obstacle was communication. Speech therapy was entirely play-based using fun and interactive activities.

I wasn’t sure the triplets would ever speak. Eventually, they did, and now they are all chatty beings. CHATTY! That’s huge for them. Another obstacle they face is dealing with sensory issues.  I have two solutions!

I’m helping the triplets face their sensory aversions through fun and educational activities. This DIY Sensory Table is their favorite of the sensory activities I’ve made for them. It was so easy to create!

Table Tutorial


Remove the label from an empty laundry detergent container. Wash and dry the container. Use it to store the sensory table mix. Beans, rice, pom-poms, erasers, and anything that will create a variety of outer surfaces and textures is perfect!

DIY Table Preparation

Sensory Table Tutoria

Attach the first layer of pool noodles to the edge of your sensory table!

Sensory Table Tutoria

Sensory Table Tutorial-6

Sensory Table Tutorial-7

Sensory Table Tutorial-8

Sensory Table Tutorial-10

Sensory Table Tutorial-9

Again – my job is simple; expose them to possibilities and give them opportunities. 

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By: Alicia Gonzalez