I was provided with two pairs of #SikkShades and 4 Beanies for review, by Eddie Bauer, Jr., at no cost to me. I was not compensated in any other way.   All opinions are my own!

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Eddie Bauer, Jr. is a trend SETTER!

Whether you are a fashion fanatic, a talented Twitter master, or a business mogul, everyone knows about trends.  They are the foundation of our evolving culture in almost every aspect of life.  They drive the individual and the business.  When I was given the opportunity to participate in this project for #SikkShades, by Eddie Bauer Jr., I discovered that Eddie had done something special.

He developed a sunglasses line that combines quality, advanced technology, style, and affordability, into some seriously #SikkShades!

They are the new standard in performance & lifestyle eyewear utilizing technology that out performs polarized lens. Perfectly weighted and balanced to reduce fatigue.

Like I said, Eddie is a trend SETTER!  Are you?  I love to be first! Aside from my competitive nature from being a mom to athlete boys, I just love the chance to be involved in trend setting projects, especially in honor of the underdog.   They almost always come from someone with a dream, and are driven by incredible passion and diligence! I have the pleasure of inviting you along this journey.  First, I want to tell you a little about Eddie, his vision, and #SikkShades.

Eddie Bauer, you say? Actually, I said, Eddie Bauer, Jr.

Eddie Bauer, Jr. is the grandson of Eddie Bauer. Yes – the Eddie Bauer, king of outerwear.  SikkShades are not affiliated with Eddie Bauer LLC in any way.  Regarding his inspiration, Eddie Bauer, Jr. said:

I had no desire to slap my name on someone else’s frame and call it my own. I wanted to make great, stylish sunglasses that were durable yet fashionable.

Tired of the overpriced monopoly I perceived in the marketplace, I set out to design frames that were:

Affordable, and

Out-performed what was available.

The vision was clear. The road ahead — not so clear. Looking back, it’s safe to say I had no idea the journey I would travel to realize the dream.

I knew I wanted sunglasses that were stylish enough, safe enough, and durable enough for outdoor-oriented people to wear during their chosen pursuits.

The best way to learn their preferences was to ask. I consulted with many, many action sport athletes — as well as Olympic hopefuls in many disciplines – asking questions and taking notes.

The SikkShades Design

Handmade in Italy, the SikkShades brand stands on its own by incorporating breakthroughs in design with new technology. The two flagship designs are the Qualifiers Frames

#SikkShades #Sponsored Qualifiers

And the Huckleberry Frames (Pictured here are the Alessi800 clear frame with red iridium lenses)

#Sikkshades #Sponsored Huckleberry Alessi800


Both designs feature perfectly weighted and balanced frames that reduce pressure points and fatigue. Both are fitted with locking quad core hinges that will not bore — keeping the temples nice and fit.

Eddie knew that perspiration causes frames to slide down the nose.  That’s a huge problem for athletes.  So, Eddie fitted SikkShades frames with a flush, padded, nonslip nose cradle. 

The SikkShades technology is Carl Zeiss’s Flash Electric Coating. This process infuses the iridium of our lens, which enables it to outperform polarized in many tests measuring glare, clarity, and UV protection.

Here’s what Eddie has to say about what he’s accomplished so far and what he still needs to get done:

The big brands do not want to see SikkShades out on the market. Value and performance comparisons will force them to change their performance frame marketing and pricing.

SikkShades has a large and growing following and will continue to educate the public about sunglass technology.

The current brand giants don’t want people to know the ins and outs of sunglasses. We do. Yes it would have been easier to just put in polarized lens and follow along but that ain’t my way.

So this is where you come in!

Eddie needs to get these industry changing lenses into production.  He created an Indiegogo campaign to spread the word.

Try these lenses out for yourself!  For about 1/2 of retail cost, you can get a pair for you and your squeeze! Aside from the chance to be one of the first to own these awesome lenses, you can get on board with an industry changing trend-setter.  Eddie found a way to make the industry even better, with the #SikkShades technology that is outperforming polarized lenses. He’s not a follower.  This is what entrepreneurship is all about.  Thinking outside the box!  This is the kind of innovation we as consumers should be demanding and supporting!

Check out my babies looking Super Fly and getting down in their MY shades!

#Sponsored #SikkShades A&K

Andres gives #SikkShades the thumps up!

#SikkShades #Sponsored Thumbs Up

Eddie thinks you’ll agree. So do I!

Check out the #SikkShades campaign below, and show your support by getting  your own, while supplies last! You can look Super Fly just like Andres.  Click on the photo to check it out, now!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez

Photo Credits: SikkShades

Alicia Gonzalez