Make Smart Goals for 2019 With These Five Secret Tips I learned as a volunteer for Make A Wish!

Smart Goals

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Goal setting is a lot harder than it sounds. You know, because at some point you have to follow through. Aside from the basic goals of losing weight, making more money and being a better person, a word-of-the-year has become very popular. I like them too, as a sort of guide of what our mission is for the year, but a word isn’t really a goal. We all want to do everything with every New Year. So, that’s not going to happen, but we can accomplish quite a bit if we make smart goals! Don’t worry, they can still be big and life changing. 

Smart Goals can be broken down into five (5) categories, my tips for guiding your process. Almost everything you could dream of can be put into one of these categories. In fact, it’s the same categories I share with children who are being granted a dream-come-true through Make A Wish. Not only does this help put your smart goals into perspective of what you are really going to get out of them, it can also prompt you to be more creative about setting smart goals.

  1. Be Something

  2. Do Something

  3. Have Something

  4. Go Somewhere

  5. Meet Someone

Before I share how to stay on track with your goals, let’s talk about how to determine what they’ll be first. By using these categories to create smart goals, it can help you be even more well-rounded. If all of your goals fall under one category, you might be missing out on something great this year. Last year, my own goals were all over the place, and so were my results. But, I still felt fulfilled and accomplished because I had goals in every one of these categories, although it wasn’t so intentional at the time. This year I’m making smart goals by intentionally including at least one thing in every category.


Remember, your goals should be specific and verifiable. That sets you up to make specific action items. Let’s look at some examples using these categories.

  • Be Something

This will often have a tile, like Nurse, Registered Behavior Technician, YouTuber, Artist, Coach, Mother, Volunteer, etc. You might need to get a certificate or license for one of these goals, but it’s not a requirement for falling under this category. Maybe you want to be a mother for the third time. Perhaps you want to be famous. Whatever your thing is, include it in your smart goals this year! Be something.

  • Do Something

Maybe you want to lose some extra weight. I know I do! Focus on the things you have to do to make that happen. Eating breakfast, drinking 8 glasses of water each day, exercising three times per week and sleeping six or more hours per night. These are very smart goals that will likely get you the results you are looking for and you’ve already got your action items. Boom! Maybe you want to face your fears. Okay, what are you going to do about it?

  • Have Something

So, you want to make more money? That’s a have something. That new car or house or bathroom remodel and all your tangible items fall under this category. Non-tangible things belong here, too. It might be a new job that you will have or an award you want to receive. 

  • Go Somewhere

Whether you want to start going back to Church or want to travel to Paris, add at least one thing from this category onto your list of smart goals. Wherever your heart desires to be, you need to get there.

  • Meet Someone

I met so many new people for the first time last year, including new family members and online friends. Although, it doesn’t have to be someone new. It might just be to reunite with a friend, family member or colleague. Maybe you want to meet a Speaker, local hero or that neighbor that always puts trash in your can, so you can ask them to stop. Either way, meeting people fulfills a need that we have as humans to connect.

Do you have a favorite way of making smart goals each year? I’d love to hear your approach. Be sure to share them in the comments. If you loved these tips, share them with friends and on social. (It’s kind of how we pay the bills around here, by keeping this site active 😉.)

By: Alicia Gonzalez