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Pledge Multi Surface Hero

Before the triplets were born I got to talk to my youngest sister on the phone a lot more often than I do now.  One day, our conversation started off as it always did, with the exchange of a “what are you doing?”  I told her I was washing the walls, as was often the case.  “You’re always washing walls,” she exclaimed.  I miss our talks and I miss washing walls! Okay, it’s not exactly washing the walls that I miss.  I miss that feeling of peace that comes with putting the final touches on something.  With five kids, it’s understandable that some days I feel like I never stop cleaning.  I could be at peace with that too, but I never get around to putting on those final touches.  So it looks unfinished.  That gives me such anxiety on those days when I work so hard to get ahead keep up!  Those days, I always end of feeling like I wasted my day.  I used to always find my moment of peace at the end of the day, when the older kids were asleep.  I sat on the couch with a cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee, and enjoyed the scent and comfort of a clean home.  It felt like closure.  It was peaceful, rewarding, and absent of distractions.  When I sit at night only to look at cobwebs, dust covered furniture, and surfaces with smears everywhere, all I can think about is how that’s one more thing I need to do, tomorrow.  In the last couple of months, I’ve made some amazing changes to the way I approach each day.  I’m going for that fabulous #InstaClean look! It’s much like it was when before I had children, with weekly list “Saturday Chores” and a special inventory of Pledge® Multisurface Rainshower  with Glade® Fragrances and  Windex® Crystal Rain.  I’m talking about back when TVs were encased in real wood and entertainment centers were places to go, not things to have. I love so many of our modern conveniences today, but sometimes I like to get back to basics where I can also find #SimpleSolutions!


Pledge 10 Minutes of Finishing Touches

Throw away that old school duster!

Pledge® does a lot more than just clean wood.  Did you know that the multi surface cleaner works on granite, metal, wood, glass, and electronics? I am not kidding and it gets everything #InstaClean!

Pledge Before and After


Pledge Cleans Electronics

Pledge TV

The furniture spray even works on leather!

Pledge Furniture Cleaner

Pledge Couch Cleaner

In just ten minutes…

I cleaned the TV plus the stand, organ, big leather chair, wooden electric heater, metal kitchen garbage can, and some mirrors I’ll be doing a DIY craft project with! Getting back to the basics with general cleaning and ending with a 10 minute speed clean make-everything-that-is-dull-shine job, my nights are much more calm.  Using this as my daily approach has really cut down the time I’ve spend cleaning.  I try very hard now to avoid any “all day cleaning.”  Of course I love a clean home, but there are so many other things I’d like to do with my time!



There’s a lot we can do in ten minutes.  I got so much done in yesterday’s 10 minute final touches, I had time to do this instead, today! Yep.  I made all four candles bling in just ten minutes flat for another awesome #collectivebias project!

Pledge more time

Are you ready to get back to the basics? Kroger stores are having a Buy 4 Save $4 Mega Event NOW until 12/27/14! Maybe you already saw their Windex® event?

Pledge Mega Event

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By:  Alicia Gonzalez