What is Sprout by HP?

“We are on the cusp of a transformative era in computing and printing,” said Dion Weisler, Executive Vice President, Printing & Personal Systems.




Seeing is believing!

I know some of you are going to want to know all the details, including specs and especially price.  As important as that is, what does it really matter unless Sprout is right for you.  So, I’ll tell you all those technical details, but first let’s take a little look-see!

You don’t have to be a “techie” to create in 3D. Check this out!

Surpass the human hand! Is there a simple way to create something infinitely complex? Hmm…

Photographer. Illustrator. Film Maker.

Is it a Game Changer?

Did you see and love? Okay! Let’s get you some of those details. I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

Sprout by HP is an immersive computing platform that combines the power of an advanced, all-in-one desktop computer with a natural user interface to create a unique experience that breaks down the barriers between the digital and physical worlds.

Sprout by HP is the first product available under HP’s Blended Reality ecosystem and sets the groundwork for future immersive technologies.Dual-screen Experience: An intuitive and flexible form factor with an integrated vertical touch screen and horizontal capacitive touch mat, designed with creative expression and human movement in mind.

  • The Sprout Illuminator: A capture and projection system that combines multiple devices – a scanner, depth sensor, hi res camera, projector – into a single system to capture and project dimensional images like never before, allowing users to take items from the physical world and seamlessly merge them into the digital workspace.
  • Real-Time Remote Collaboration: Advances how users work, learn, collaborate and share by allowing them to seamlessly interact with and manipulate content remotely in real-time whether across the room or miles away via HP MyRoom.
  • Immersive Applications: A growing suite of applications uniquely designed and optimized for Sprout by HP and available through the Sprout Marketplace.

Are you a real techie and need to dig deeper?

Then check out the Sprout Specs Sheet!