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I love to cook.  I just don’t have a lot of time.  As a mom of five hungry kids and an even hungrier husband, I usually opt for the quick and delicious meal.  #STAROliveOil understands delicious!  When I heard that they have just come out with a new BUTTER FLAVOR Olive Oil, I went straight to the nearest Walmart!

Walmart STAR Olive Oil 2 #ad #cbias

And I found this!

#STAROliveOil #Shop #Cbias

Butter flavored #STAROliveOil is the right choice because Olive Oil is so much healthier than butter.  It can be substituted in pretty much any recipe calling for butter.  This stuff is great for baking, cooking, and spreading.  A new butter? STAR Olive Oil has a large variety of great flavors to choose from.

#STAROliveOil Choices #Shop #cbias

And honestly, look at that price!  You can’t go wrong.  STAR Olive Oil, Butter flavor, meet mama’s Chicken Farfalle in creamy basil and garlic sauce! Let’s see how this introduction goes.  Instead of using butter with these great ingredients, I used the new STAR Olive Oil, butter flavor!

#STAROliveOil #shop #cbias 2

#STAROliveOil Recipe Prep #ad #cbias

I used the STAR Olive Oil to saute the chicken, and tomatoes with basil and onion.

#STAROliveOil Tomato Saute #ad #cbias

The result was so great I almost didn’t want to throw it all into the blender.  I knew I had to keep going, but would surely roast some tomatoes a la carte, later.

#STAROliveOil Saute 2 #ad #cbias

I threw this and the rest of the ingredients into the blender.

#STAROliveOil #shop #cbias 3

When all was said and done, I got this:

#STAROliveOil #shop #ad 4

I have huge Star Olive Oil plans for my holiday cooking, but Olive Oil isn’t just for special occasions.  You can use Olive Oil in your daily dishes, for a healthier and flavorful dish!  Want to know how to make your own? Check it out! DOWNLOAD THE RECIPE! Or click on the image below to see the full screen version!

#STAROliveOil #shop #cbias 5

Right now, there is a STAR Olive Oil GIVEAWAY on their Facebook Page!  Here’s your chance to TRY #STAROliveOil FOR FREE.  Did you know that STAR Olive Oil is Gluten Free? Yes! On 24/7 Modern Mom™ we have a recipe section and even a STAR Chef Contributor, Barret Beyer, of Hell’s Kitchen, Season 11.  We are always trying to come up with new quick and delicious meal options for the 24/7 Modern Family™.  If you have a fabulous recipe using STAR Olive Oil, we’d love to hear it!  Now, I’m not a STAR Chef, but I am the STAR of my kitchen!  I hope you enjoy this recipe.  If you try it, let us know how much you love it.  You will!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez