Tamera Mowry-Housley

This is what Tamera had to say about her recent visit to Make a Wish®.

“It’s a huge wake up call, if I’m honest with you.  You know, you have your moments where you complain, – and you see these kids that are sick, and you know they go through a lot more pain than you do.  And the fact that they can sit here and smile and giggle and some of them push through it – It’s a huge wakeup call!” Tamera Mowry-Housley

Tamera has partnered with Little Remedies® on their SayYes2Less campaign for the benefit of Make a Wish®.  Tamera is asking consumers to log on the http://www.SayYes2Less.com site and take a pledge to “say Yes To Less” of the things their children don’t need to live happy and healthy lives.  Families can pledge things like eat less sugar and create less waste.  In return, Little Remedies® will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish® for each of the first 100,000 people who take the pledge!

Perhaps one day, 24/7 Modern Mom™ will have a great Video Editor/Producer to spruce up all the interviews and video clips we do.  Maybe.  Keeping it REAL, is more important to me! In the audio and poorly-strung-together video, you’ll notice that I’m talking to a mom, like I would any friend.  It just happens that I’m talking to a celebrity.  Brain mush still let me slaughter her name, several times, EVEN THOUGH I know it. At one point, I put her on mute. None of that was edited out! Why would I? Why should I? That’s real.  When her voice sweetly called out, “hello?,” that was a classic moment.

I’ve never been shy.  I’ve certainly never had any fan-fever that has caused me to be beside myself in the presence of a celebrity.  It’s not an act of disrespect.  Quite to the contrary, it’s an act of great respect, because I see everyone like a person, whereas their sum value is not equivalent to their following, rather their personal integrity and character.  Talking to Tamera was like talking to a friend.  She DOES get it.

She told me that she has never experienced so much judgment as when she became a mother.  THAT, is the comment of a real mom, facing real mom issues, trying to make it through the day, one day at a time, striving to lead by example, even – often, in the face of criticism.

I hope other 24/7 Modern Moms will listen to this interview, more than once – and really HEAR it! Tamera gives some great advice for moms on how to handle the unsolicited “opinions” of others.  Most people don’t know what our days and lives are like.  Criticism comes from that – the not knowing; ignorance.  She shared about the negative feedback she received when she stopped breastfeeding.  Only her and the people on her show know what it’s like to Work a day in her life.

Any mom who has experienced having to choose between going to the bathroom and some other urgent-mommy-work-issue is a REAL mom! Any mom who runs out of the house with family in tow, only to realize she’s forgotten to brush her teeth, is a REAL mom!

Tamera and her amazing sister, Tia, have launched NEED™, an amazing product line of things moms really need! They didn’t have to go into the “mommy-market” for revenues.  They ARE the mommy market! It’s great to see moms who are in a position to enrich the lives of women take on that role so eagerly and brilliantly!

On a personal note, I think that one of the keys to being great is working with great people. I bet Tamera and her sister would agree.  I have been so fortunate to meet and work with great people since the launch of 24/7 Modern Mom™.  In my several dealings with Tamera’s PR Person¸I’ve found myself intrigued by the relationship.  Tamera’s person is truly invested in her! She is so present, engaged, and ON IT! This honest compliment has nothing to do with the fact that I hope to do a video-conference interview with Tamera for the next follow up. Really! I’m just impressed with anyone who is smart enough to surround themselves with people who will rejoice in their successes.  That is one more lesson we can all take from this round of Tamera wisdom.

Don’t forget to MAKE THAT PLEDGE to SayYes2Less!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez