So, it’s Official. I’m a Teen Blogger. I never saw that coming! My name is Giselle Argueta, but everyone has called me “Gigi” since birth. I guess you could say, when I popped out of my mom after twenty-six hours of labor, my family would have never expected me to be a teen blogger.

Official Teen Blogger

Within a few weeks, it will be the first day of my Sophomore year in High School.  I have two younger brothers, although sometimes it feels like they think I’m the little sister.  Johnathan is thirteen-years-old and Adrian is seven-years-old. They both live and breathe soccer. At one point, we were that typical Hispanic soccer family, with life revolving around the sport. Each kid was on a soccer team. Three years ago, I quit my team and haven’t played since. During those three years, my parents wanted me to start playing again, but I never did. I will still kick the ball around with Adrian, helping him learn the basics but thats about it. You will always find me on the side lines, cheering Johnathan on with the rest of his number one fans.  Of course, I can only get wild with one hand because I always have my camera in the other.

I started taking pictures of my brother and his team playing. Slowly I started realizing, I am actually good at this. Even before, I often took  pictures of flowers, scenery, etc. I never realized that I was good at it. I started with a “cheap” digital camera. It was a picture I took of my brother’s teammate that made me realize I could actually be good at this. Last year for Christmas, my uncle bought me a video camera (it takes pictures/video in HD). I started taking pictures of my brother playing with that video camera, and the results turned out better than I would have imagined.

At a young age, around fifth grade, is when my love for writing grew. I went to a small school in California. They would give us these work sheets that required us to be creative. Everyone hated doing that, and I would say I hated it, but inside, I really loved doing them. In fifth grade, we wrote Thanksgiving letters to our parents. It was set up as a parent-teacher conference (with the student attending) and our parents would read it then. I did my little essay, I didn’t even know what to write at first in all honesty, but when it came down to that moment when my mom read it, she was in tears. As in, she was almost sobbing. And I was just there like OMG, what did I do to my mom? My teacher told me that I had a gift for writing, and I was sitting in my chair thinking, I’m only a fifth grader, what kind of fifth grader has a talent for writing? I soon started realizing that she was right. It takes me a while to think of something to write, but I figured out that it takes some of my classmates longer.

During my Freshman year of High School when they asked me what career I wanted to pursue, I really had no clue. I had this undying love for photography, and I always had this soft spot for cooking. I said I wanted to be a photographer and a chef. Later on I thought, I don’t even like cooking that much, I do enjoy it but it’s not like other chefs that sleep, live, and breathe for cooking, you know? When Alicia asked if I had ever been interested in being a teen blogger, I jumped for the opportunity of an internship.

The first task I was giving was to help her set up a photo shoot with Kaytlin for a campaign post with Target. I was thinking, this was going to be easy, just one picture and we’d be good, right? Not even close. It took longer than I imagined. Way longer. We had certain things that had to be kept in mind while taking these pictures. We took so many pictures it was truly unbelievable that would find a decent one to post. We were working on such little time, a little girl for a model who wouldn’t stay put,  the wind that kept moving her hair, and the heat that was irritating her at the same time. But I was finally able to take a nice picture that was focused on her and the backpack she had on (from Target) as she was pretending to get into the family’s car. But we still needed one more picture. You would never have imagined the set up we had used.

We had Kaytlin sitting on a little chair that was worn out, with a mess all around, cars whipping by behind the wooden fence, and a pure white poster board from Target as our backdrop. But the picture came out amazing! Would you have ever guessed that we were using Alicia’s cell phone? I didn’t think so.

I’m excited, to say the least, to be a 24/7 Modern Mom™ Contributor. I will be writing advice for teens, obviously, but also advice for parents to understand teens, vice versa, DIY’s for teens, etc. etc.

People have been asking me why I’m doing teen blogging. It’s an internship, for the most. At first, I didn’t know why. It seemed like a cool thing to do, you know? Then I started to realize that this will open so many doors for me in the future.

So, it’s Official. I’m a Teen Blogger.

By:  Gigi Argueta