Thanks so much to Photospring for sending me this free digital photo frame! As always, all opinions are my own!

This digital photo frame is the perfect gift for those who love to take pictures! Memories are meant to be shared. Now friends & family can send pictures directly to your frame, no matter how far away!


First of all, having a digital photo frame is a must!

Really, unless you just don’t take pictures. Right, that’s NOT you! I can’t think of anyone who comes here who isn’t a little trigger happy with their smartphone cameras and quick-snap devices. Parents take pictures to the extreme! Tonight, while watching my son’s guitar performance at school, the staff asked parents to silence their phones, or turn them off, and just enjoy a night of music, without standing, getting out of their seats, walking around, or coming near the stage.

What do you think happened?

Yeah. You’re right! Parents were snapping pictures and recording with arms up in the air, all over the place! And that’s just the ones who remained seated. Get it? This is what we do. We’re living in that digital age where it’s no surprise for someone’s phone to have thousands of pictures in their camera roll! So what do you do with them? Print them? Ha! We’re not printing them. (At least, not in the thousands!) We’re not even seeing them. And when we really want to? We can’t find them!  Photospring solves all these problems by redefining the digital photo frame! We love ours!

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digital photo frame home

Key Features:

Display iPhone and Android Photos
Automatically upload photos from Smartphones

Easy Photo Sharing 
Shared photos displayed directly for hassle-free viewing

Intelligent photo selection
Analyzes to select best photos and formats to fit screen

Useful browse and search
Touchscreen interface to browse or find photos from entire collection

Convenient portability
Battery and charging stand allow quick access to pickup

Our Favorite Features

The touchscreen is wonderful! Of course, you don’t really need to touch the screen because you can easily control everything from the app. We love that friends and family can instantly send their photos to your frame! In fact, this is the perfect gift for friends and family who live further away. Send them this digital photo frame that fits every decor!  You can also share your pictures directly to their frame. Don’t worry, each frame owner decides who can share to their frame, so the jokester of the family can’t access your frame, unless you allow it! We also LOVE that it can be removed from the charger and held, passed around, and enjoyed for up to four hours!

Photospring digital photo frame


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From us to you, happy holidays!

By: Alicia Gonzalez