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embarrassing moments

My most embarrassing moments.

I have a lot of them. I’m talking too-many-to-count, a lot! I can’t even tell you which moments are my most embarrassing, but I’d be lying if I said that the “uh-oh have I wet myself?” moments weren’t at the top of my list. My second-mom (RIP), Susan Watson, but you can call her Sue, used to gross me out when I was a teen.

She used to get chin hairs, and sometimes she had so many she skipped the plucking and just shaved her entire chin. I swore to myself, over-and-over-again that I would never EVER let myself get old and get chin hairs. I was sure there could be nothing worse in the world. The whole idea really seemed like an end-of-the-world experience to me, at the time.

Sue was right.

Sue knew better. Instead of getting mad at me, she simply laughed it off. Then she’d freak me out even more by telling me all about the accident she just had because I made her laugh so hard. As if that wasn’t awful enough, she’d taunted me with the promise that one day, I too, would pee a little when I laughed, and that I would surely have a chin-full of unsightly hairs.

Oh, how I would love to look up at the sky and shout, “haha! You were wrong. Nope. Not me.” Yea, well, she was not wrong. She was right, like she usually was. I’m sure it’s her looking down at me, probably still peeing a little as she laughs hysterically at the humor of watching me go through all those inevitable changes that happen to women, over time.

I miss her loud full-body laugh, so much! I also know exactly why she always had the right supplies, so she could be free to laugh! Since then, the supplies have gotten even better!

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It is designed to stop bladder leaks before they even happen! If you are someone that has incontinence (bladder leakage), you know how annoying and difficult it can be. Whether it occurs when you are laughing, jumping on the trampoline, working out or just everyday life.. it is not a fun experience. Here’s where Impressa can help! @Poise Impressa is available @Walmart has made life so much easier. I know that going down that isle for the first time can be scary, and embarrassing, but come on ladies! How long have we been buying feminine products? This is easy! I’m so happy to have the freedom to laugh again, because just like Sue, I have a fantastic sense of humor. Life is too short not to laugh.

I’m so excited about the upcoming #TryImpressa Twitter Party, because the laughs are going to be endless! Plus, I love sharing chances to win great prizes. 

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Has this ever happened to you?

By: Alicia Gonzalez