This post has been sponsored by Mission List and their client. All opinions are mine. While searching volunteer jobs near me, I just found my dream job. Nope, it’s not as a soccer coach, although that was certainly one of my dreams. It was an amazing summer. Nope, this one I JUST FOUND! KEEP READING…


Volunteer jobs near me

I’ve always been interested in volunteer jobs near me or within my community. Giving back, paying it forward, and helping community makes me happy. Of course, once I had children and the endless responsibilities that come with parenting, I fell off track. Most people who know me or follow me, know I have ambitious career goals. What you might not know is that I also have ambitious volunteer goals! One of my biggest volunteer dream jobs has always been to grant wishes, and now I’m going to get the chance to do that! Even better, I’m going to get to do that for children, families, the Hispanic community, and for one of my favorite non-profits; Make-A-Wish Foundation.

volunteer jobs near me

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This is a legit, dream-come-true for me! I specifically had “Grant Wishes for Make-A-Wish Foundation” as one of my volunteer goals, going back many years. When I added it to my list years ago, I didn’t even know it was a volunteer job. I added it to my list anyway, because it was really a dream of mine and I found this while I was researching for this post! When I was approached about writing a post featuring Reward Volunteers .  Just from the little bit I had heard about it, I knew I wanted to share it with my readers. Once I dove into the site, saw how easy and truly rewarding it is, I don’t know what happened to me!

Next thing I knew, I was seriously browsing the site for volunteer jobs near me, for me.

Reward Volunteers was created by Cabot Creamery to celebrate all of those who make communities stronger. It’s a site that lets you browse for opportunities near you, and even make initial contact through the site. You can log hours and win prizes, even for your organization. It’s EASY! Organizations also benefit when they register to be a Reward Volunteers organization and their volunteers log their hours.

Since you’re probably on your cell phone, you should know that the site is super easy to navigate, even on mobile! Look…

Volunteer jobs near me search

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I want to set an example for my children and raise them to be three things:  happy, self-sufficient, and caring. I believe that if they can be these three things, their possibilities are truly endless. They will take action and help others. And three is a pretty lucky number for them (you know, ’cause they’re triplets) so I think we’re heading in the right direction! They already offer me their toys and are very compassionate about the time I spend providing therapy to other children with Autism. They even tell me that they like when I help people. Well, so do I!

volunteer opportunities after triplets

I’ve fundraised for families in need. I’ve helped put on community events, worked closely with people in the Hispanic community to access resources for their families, spent years volunteering for the Red Cross, providing Safety Training to the community, coordinated diaper drives, and much more. I was even a PTA President when my oldest son was in the 1st grade!

I’ve also been a Team Manager for my children’s soccer teams, and before I ever had children, I taught Sports Safety Training to youth sports teams.  This summer I was the coach for my triplets’ U8 soccer team, which was my favorite volunteer position so far!

My oldest two sons were the assistant coaches, and I even had a niece and nephew on my team. Spending so much quality time with family in this way was a great feeling! Coaching a soccer team was up there with grant wishes for my list of volunteer goals.

We do have time to volunteer, even when we think we don’t!

I know our time is precious, and it can be really hard to fit one more thing into our schedules. That’s why I try to stick to things I already do, and look for volunteer jobs near me. Think about something you’ve always wanted to do, or something you already do. Think about what you want to teach your children, expose them to, or how you want to enrich them. Is there something you could do together? Check out Reward Volunteers and sign up. If you already do volunteer work, you can log those hours! You don’t have to find a new volunteer position. However, if you’ve always wanted to help but didn’t know where to go, be sure to check out all the volunteer opportunities near you with the easy-to-use search feature.

What is your dream volunteer job?

By: Alicia Gonzalez