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Walgreens Paperless Coupons #shop #collectivebias

Do you all remember when I was a kind-of extreme couponer? It was really hard to manage expenses when the triplets were born and I wasn’t working.  Walgreens was one of my favorite places to do my hauls. I always combined some kind of in-store special with cut out coupons and usually saved at least 50% or more.  I was really good at it.  The only problem was, it was really time consuming.  I had a bunch of newspaper subscriptions and spent every Sunday cutting, sorting, planning, and organizing my ridiculously huge Coupon Binder.  I always planned my shops with every detail, but I can’t tell you how many times I forgot my binder.  Also, I honestly didn’t have room to store big loads of merchandise.  Walgreens app with paperless coupons is the newest addition to my favorite #SimpleSolutions.   I planned my shopping trips, and tried to remember to keep the binder in my car at all times. Inevitably, I’d be out running errands, remember something that I urgently needed, and my coupons would be at home on the table. I either had to pay full price or skip the purchase and go back to the store again.  Clipping coupons was an extreme chore.

Not Paperless Coupons Binder Drama #shop #collectivebias


I really needed some new makeup. Lately, I’ve been so busy, I’m running low on just about everything.  I went to a big conference last weekend and spent the first two days looking like I didn’t care how I look.  On the last day of the conference, I threw what little makeup I have left into a plastic zipper bag.  I do care! It’s not really about what other people think about me, but just feeling pretty for myself.  We all deserve to feel pretty.  By the time I got to the conference, all my makeup had broken open into my bag.  I still managed to fix myself up, but my makeup was a mess and my hands were filthy with the spilled products.  It took me as long to clean my hands and arms as it did to put on the makeup. Once I was fixed up, I felt so alive.  I started to get sassy with fellow #CollectiveBias member, Classy Sharelle.

Paperless Coupons #shop #collectivebias


Unfortunately, the entire bag of makeup was pretty much ruined. I knew I needed new stuff on Monday but there was no way I was going to pay full price.  Makeup manufactures always have fabulous coupons available.  Now that I’m back to my normal life, which usually entails 18-hour Mondays, I couldn’t even imagine when I’d have some time to go through the coupons from this weekend and restock my makeup bag. Before I even had a chance to get ready for the day, I got a call that resulted in an emergency errand. While I was driving, I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror.  Ugh! Really, it’s not about the rest of the world.  I just feel better when I look better.  At the red light, Pedro suggested that I just buy some lipstick at Walgreens, which was kitty-corner to where we were. It was a good idea, so I did!

Paperless Coupon Makeup Run


While I was browsing through the app, I also saw a good coupon for conditioner, so I grabbed some, along with a couple of other things.  I’m loving #WalgreensPaperless!  Back in the car, I did a five-minute makeover and was ready to go.

Paperless Coupons Makeover #shop #collectivebias


I already have a Walgreens Balance Rewards Card linked to my mobile phone number. I downloaded the app in a flash and was able to connect my existing account in just three minutes flat!

Paperless Coupons App #Shop #CollectiveBias

This app has everything you need and it’s super user-friendly! No more worrying about leaving the paper coupons at home! I’m loving this app and the ability to save-on-demand, when mom needs a new lipstick, the kids needs batteries, or any spur-of-the-moment necessary purchase.  Of course, I’ll also use it to plan my shopping, but lately, things happen without notice around here.

Paperless Coupons Clipped Screenshot #shop #CollectiveBias

Walgreens Paperless Coupons are manufacturer eCoupons that can be ‘clipped’ to your own Balance Rewards account. You can still just slide your card or enter your phone number at checkout.  If you don’t want to do that, the cashier can easily just scan your phone! The coupons wall be deducted from your balance automatically! Be sure to sync your Balance Rewards membership to the Mobile App to get started. Each paperless coupon can only be used once. Once it is redeemed it will be deleted from your coupon list.

Do you love Paperless Coupons too? Be sure to connect with Walgreens on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tell them how you are using the awesome app to save!

By:  Alicia Gonzalez