#Shop #CollectiveBias

True Story.  Especially today, I am thankful for #FamilyMobile and #CollectiveBias.  It was impossible for me to tell Pedro that I can’t afford to get him a cell phone with unlimited talk and text.  That’s because I was able to get the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans from Family Mobile.

Pedro is my ten-year-old son. He had to go to the Emergency Room today.  Shortly after arriving to school, he began having chest pains.  Poor Pedro weighs only 59 pounds.  He’s a tiny but mighty boy.  We were both a bit nervous.  He is doing better now.  I needed to call my husband to have him get the triplets from school, call the triplets therapists to tell them I would be late, and follow up with my father-in-law who was still waiting for my call to tell him about the status of my nephew.  My nephew happened to be in the hospital at the same time I was bringing Pedro to the hospital.  My nephew was there for a breakout of severe hives.  I really needed to make the calls.  I could NOT get a signal on my own cell phone, through another carrier. At all.  Then, I remembered, the whole reason I’m even writing this post, that Pedro got a Walmart #FamilyMobile phone this weekend! Wouldn’t you know it, on Pedro’s phone, I DID get a signal! So Pedro’s new phone truly saved the day.  And he was so proud of that! Pedro got the Alcatel One Touch Evolve Smartphone.

#Shop #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias Pedro

If you all remember, Antonio, Pedro’s older brother, got his own #FamilyMobile plan, and smartphone as a Christmas present.  Aaron, a sweet and knowledgeable sales associate helped me to get Antonio all set up on Walmart best plans.  I wasn’t expecting to see Aaron working when I went to buy Pedro’s phone.  I was happy I did, because it gave me a chance to chat with him about how great things are going for Antonio.  I was excited to have Aaron be a part of Pedro’s surprise, as well.

Let me just say that Antonio is a bit bent-out-of-shape about how AWESOME Pedro’s new phone is. Antonio is already hitting up aunts and uncles to invest in his own Smartphone upgrade!  Antonio loves his unlimited plan, but he now believes he needs an upgraded phone. It’s a good thing they are so affordable.  He can do that himself!

#Shop #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias Low Cost Unlimited Plans

Aaron was sure to remind me that I get a $5.00 per month discount with the additional line for Pedro. The best plans really are Walmart best plans! They have plans for the entire family.  Since Antonio is a teen, he has unlimited data on his plan.  For Pedro, I went with simply unlimited talk and text.  I wanted to give Pedro his gift as a Valentine’s Day present.  It’s the perfect gift to buy for someone you love and want to stay connected with.  I even talked to a few customers who plan on taking their tax refunds straight to the store to get their own Walmart Best Plans and new Smartphone for under $100.00.  Walmart has enough options in that price range to make owning a Smartphone affordable for everyone.

#Shop #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias Aaron

Since I didn’t get Pedro a data plan, his service is ONLY $24.88 with the family discount! Antonio has an unlimited data plan because I have the ability to set limits on what type of content he can access.  I’m so grateful that the Walmart best plans also come with the best parental controls.  I have Antonio’s parental control feature set to teen.

#shop #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias Add A Line

After I paid for Pedro’s phone and SIM card, I had the opportunity to chat with Aaron a little about how great the Walmart Best Plans and phones really are.  Trevor and Michelle, two very friendly Walmart Customers agreed to record my conversation with Aaron so I could share it with all of you!

#Shop #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias Michelle and Trevor

Thanks, Trevor & Michelle!

Then, Aaron had to help some customers.  Oops, I still needed to activate the line! I got back in the line.  Aaron is fast at the register. I was still in a hurry though. I had to get back to Antonio’s soccer game, to Pedro, if I wanted to pull everything off according to plan.  So, while I was in the line waiting to activate the  phone, I decided to try to use my own cell phone to  activate Pedro’s phone, while I waited in line.  I didn’t think I could do it faster than it would take for me to be helped, but I figured I’d try.  By the time it was my turn in line, I had already activated Pedro’s phone and made the first test-call.  It really was, that fast!

#shop #FamilyMobile Pedro's Discounted Line

I thanked Aaron again, and was on my way.  I presented Pedro with his big surprise.  He flipped over his new Smartphone with one of the Walmart Best Plans! I mean, he FLIPPED!

On our way to the car, Pedro declared, “My life has purpose again!”  Well, Walmart, thank you for that.

I know some 24/7 Modern Mom™ readers have already made with switch to a Walmart Family Mobile unlimited plan! We’d love to hear your stories.  If you are about to make the switch, or use that tax return to gift a loved one with a super affordable Smartphone and one of the Walmart Best Plans, we’d love for you to capture your moment(s) on video and share it with us.

By:  Alicia Gonzalez

Illustrations:  Kayti Welsh