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Water Bottle Hanging Flower Vase

As an active family of seven, we drink a lot of water. In my home, FORO (Fear of Running Out) is real. It’s been an issue for a while. My older children are athletes and take a lot of water on-the-go to soccer practices, games, and on their local adventures with friends. My husband is a truck driver and consumes a lot of water to stay hydrated while he is on-the-road. All of them like to freeze bottles of water so that they will begin to melt and give them ice-cold refreshment when they are away from home. There is more controversy in my home about who forgot to restock the water or who took the last one than any other product in my home. I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Tell me about it!” That’s what ran through your head right now, right? That’s my water bottle. Do you really need two bottles, isn’t one water bottle enough?

Apparently, I’m not alone! My friend Brandi Riley, of Mama Knows It All, has experienced FORO in her family, too. Check out their story.

The results of the ReadyRefresh survey were fascinating and representative of my own FORO! Here are just a few:

  • More than half of all surveyed (52%) experience FORO at least once a week.
  • 69% of those surveyed experience feelings such as stress, anxiety and worry when household items start to run low
  • According to survey respondents, bottled water is the beverage of choice in homes (36%), workplaces (46%), and at school (36%).
  • Nearly half of all full-time working parents (46%) surveyed say they ration or replace everyday household items with a less desirable alternative at least once per week, in order to avoid running out completely.

I don’t want to side-eye my kids for grabbing a water bottle. I should be rejoicing! ReadyRefresh is the perfect solution for my family. Buying bottled water by the individual bottle means you’re spending way too much time restocking at the grocery store. Buying in bulk keeps your shopping trips infrequent, but those cases are so heavy, and big box stores are energy-sapping circuses. With that dreaded trip to the store looming, a sense of anxiety takes over. As your bottled water supply dwindles, you begin to hoard those last few bottles for your kids, your spouse, or even just a thirstier moment. Okay, “I” begin to do this, but I’m sure you do, too! This is a phenomenon referred to as The Fear of Running Out—denying yourself and your family the bottled water they want just so you don’t have to go back to the store or add another inconvenience to your day.

Another reason it’s important to keep water stocked in your home is so that your family does not automatically turn to less healthy alternatives. Replacing a single 12-ounce, 140 calorie sugar sweetened beverage with water each day for a year can cut more than 50,000 calories from one’s diet. Today, beverages account for 47% of added sugars in the US American Diet and more than 13% of calories consumed per day. The newly released 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that the primary beverage consumed should be either calorie-free – especially water – or should contribute beneficial nutrients such as fat-free and low-fat milk and 100% juice.

When it comes to your home, you want to feel confident that you are always making the best choices for you and your family, especially when it comes to health. Now there’s an easy way to bring a little more health into your home – ReadyRefresh – a customizable beverage delivery service that provides your family with a variety of leading bottled water brands in assorted sizes and flavors like Arrowhead (still and sparkling), Nestlé Pure Life, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Acqua Panna. With ReadyRefresh there is something for everyone in the family! Personally, I love that Perrier and San Pellegrino help to curb my cravings for less-healthy carbonated beverages. Teaching my children to recycle and upcycle is also important to me, so there’s an added bonus of having craft inspiration, all-the-time!

Upcycled Water Bottle Craft

Water Bottle DIY-48

Water Bottle DIY-8

Water Bottle DIY-10

Water Bottle DIY-1

Water Bottle DIY-6

Water Bottle DIY-17

Water Bottle DIY-18

Water Bottle DIY-19

Water Bottle DIY-20

Water Bottle DIY-22

Water Bottle DIY-24

Water Bottle DIY-31

Confession: Last year I remember looking in the fridge and realizing there were only three bottles of water left. There were no more in the house. The following day I had a busy schedule outside-the-home and knew I’d be to busy to stop at a store. I thought about freezing the water bottles to take with me, but I was afraid someone would steal my bottles. So, I was sneaky and hid the three bottles in my car. The following day while driving in extreme heat I was beginning to feel dehydrated. I grabbed a water bottle I had hidden in my car the night before. I began to chug that water and suddenly it came spraying out of my mouth. It was hot! It burned the heck out of my mouth! That never would have happened if it weren’t for FORO. I’m sure you have to have your own story, please share in the comments! 

About ReadyRefresh:

ReadyRefresh reflects an increased effort to better serve your needs. With a broad portfolio of beverage options at the ready, it’s easier than ever to keep refreshment on hand. ReadyRefresh is proud to offer expanded delivery hours, flexible frequency options (choose weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, every 3 months or even one-time ordering) for any product we deliver and increased communication (pre-delivery and post-delivery notifications). Plus, you’ll enjoy an easy-to-shop website and much more. Our mission is simple: we want to make it easy for you to live a healthier life.

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By: Alicia Gonzalez