What to wear to a funeral looks a little different in our virtual world.

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I found out that even in this time of the global pandemic, people are still searching for the answer to this question. That might be because they fear letting down our loved ones or because the thought of failing to honor them properly weighs heavy on our hearts. It’s not always a question we feel comfortable asking friends or family, so people end up on Google, searching for answers.

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Memorial service attire is not about vanity.

Some people might think that guest wardrobe is a small consideration but some guests consider memorial service attire as a real part of showing respect. Simply, it’s about honoring the person we’ve lost. I certainly understand that desire. That’s why I’ve addressed this uncomfortable topic.

Skylawn Funeral Home

For many years, funeral etiquette said that black was the standard dress code for attending a funeral or graveside service. It’s known to represent mourning.

In 2020, we’ve done a lot of that! Personally, I have as well.

My cousin passed away on my husband’s birthday, 06/29.

He died in my hometown in New York. So, I was unable to attend the services. Although, I’d hoped to figure out a way to attend virtually. We couldn’t work that out and somehow, the loss hurt even more.

One of the hardest things about losing someone is the catapult into instant decision making, leaving little time to mourn, no time to plan, plus great pressure to honor our loved ones, perhaps without knowing what they would have ever wanted for their funeral service. In 2020, it was even harder due to COVID19.

The year continued to bring on the loss of loved ones.

What to wear to a virtual funeral.

Funeral outfits are often black, but it’s not the only choice. It’s a good idea if your loved one would have wanted you to wear black or dark blue funeral attire. Perhaps a brightly colored shirt and tie could add a little personalization that more closely resembles the style or memories of your loved one.

A good rule of thumb is to check with the funeral director to see if the family had any requests when making the funeral arrangements.

If I had attended my cousin’s service, I probably wouldn’t have worn flip flops, but I might have considered a classic rock-n-roll t-shirt that honored Rocky’s life. It’s probably what he would have wanted.

What to wear shouldn’t be something that adds stress to an already difficult time. There is no wrong answer. Try wearing something that honors the life and interests of your loved one. You can also consider creating a virtual background that pays tribute and send a copy to the family as a virtual collection.

Compassion and clarity.

When planning a funeral, or even just attending one, people have questions. The questions can feel uncomfortable, trigger sadness, and be difficult to ask. That’s another reason why having someone to provide guidance through the process makes such a difference.

At Skylawn, they understand the process and difficult time friends and families go through when someone passes away. They take time to answer all your questions, provide support, and ensure that your loved one’s wishes are honored.

While none of us like to think about end-of-life matters, planning ahead empowers you to make your own decisions about your arrangements.

Safety and COVID19.

Skylawn is one of the most esteemed funeral homes in our area. They continue to follow local guidelines and use strict sanitization and safety measures according to all CDC guidelines.

They continue to service our community and prioritize safety.

2020 changed the way funerals are handled, but it only reiterated the importance of planning ahead.

Personalize your service according to how you want to be honored. Pick your own music, relieve your loved ones from the pain of planning. Save money by planning now because inflation is real!

Put your wishes in writing to reflect you and your life. Thinking about the end-of-life is hard, but it’s harder when it’s not thought about. Will your family know how to plan a funeral that honors you in your unique way?

Virtual services are a fairly new concept. I wish they had been more common prior to COVID19. When I lost Sue, I was also unable to attend her service. I’ve always wished there was a better way for families to participate in a memorial service when they are far away.

The ability to attend virtually opens up new possibilities in these unprecedented times.

At Skylawn, you’ll receive a personalized web page, powered by their partner eCondolence, that displays all the service details, including a private link to the online funeral service that can be easily shared with up to 500 guests. Invite those who will participate in the service, from clergy to those making eulogies.

The funeral director will lead the online service and ensure the service runs smoothly. All guests can fully participate in the service, from leaving condolence messages to sharing stories and words of support. Plus, each service is recorded and can be shared with family and friends.

May your loved ones continue to inspire hope and joy through your stories of their life.

By: Alicia Gonzalez