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Some days I would rather put sandals on my kids, throw away ALL socks, sleep on disposable sheets, and use paper towels to dry off after a shower, than face the daily burden of keeping up with the laundry for our seven-person-family!  Of course, that is just a fantasy.  My children wear clothes and socks.  They inevitably get milk and crumbs on their bedding, leave their damp towels on the dirty floor, and change clothes twice a day, not including the spill-emergency changes! Laundry is my kryptonite.

As it turns out, dirty laundry is kryptonite for many moms! It’s an evil we face alone, and the children are adding fuel to the flames! They don’t pick up their clothes.  They don’t match socks.  They don’t fold.  They don’t put their folded clothes away. And they know we’ll never follow through with the threat to make them wash their own laundry because we’re not-so-secretly afraid they’ll destroy every last item!

Thank you, Whirlpool®!

Finally, there is an app that not only motivates kids to help, detailing exactly what’s expected, but it gives an easy-to-understand guide for dealing with all kinds of laundry categories, from whites to bedding!



The #WhirlpoolWashSquad app lets you:

  • Assign Specific Jobs to your family (those kids!)
  • Track and reward completed chores
  • Create custom laundry guides with wash and dry  (I LOVE THE PREMADE GUIDES!!! There is even a Stain Eraser Guide and Fabric Coach)

Download the FREE APP today! The kids will love the easy-to-understand instructions with clear expectations and parents will exhale! Finally, help with laundry.  And yes, I did it with my own kids! Yes, I will keep it up! If I can get control of the laundry, it will CHANGE my life! And it could change yours! Go now to to try it out!  Be sure to let us know about your own creative chore lists.  If we can conquer laundry, we’ll be invincible! This could be you:

laundry1 laundry2

By:  Alicia Gonzalez