This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Comcast. The opinions and text are all mine. XFINITY Latino Just Made My Family’s Dream Come True: Big Announcement

Xfinity X1 Dreams Come True


Have you ever made a promise to your children, that might have been a bit over-the-top? A few years ago, without thinking it through twice, I spit out the biggest promise I’ve ever made to my children. In their minds, I promised to change their lives, forever! I promised something they’ve dreamed about for as long as I can remember. All those times my oldest boys looked at me with their little please-mommy-we’ll-love-you-forever-faces, finally got to me! So, the promise just escaped my lips before I could bite my tongue. I had no idea how I was going to keep my promise. I just knew I had to, somehow.

LOVE saved the day. My children love soccer. The whole family does, possibly going back 18 generations. We love XFINITY Latino. XFINITY Latino loves Soccer. I love my job. And we all love YOU! Forgive me, I’m just bursting with joy, I can’t stop feeling the LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

Let me make this little-HUGE announcement, followed by another pretty big one, before I burst. Just let me get out one more WE LOVE YOU, XFINITY Latino! Phew.

That once-upon-a-time promise I made was to take my two oldest (out of five) children to see an Argentina game. This is their dream come true!

Also, say hello to the newest XFINITY Latino Ambassador. That’s me! They fit so well with my family’s likes, interests, and on-the-go lives. We’re a go-go-go-keep-going family. Two weeks ago, my two older boys had six games between them. Last weekend one of them had four games, which came close to being five. They also have 4+ weekly practices in total, plus regular games and tournaments. Summer of Soccer is right! And apparently, Pedro has two games this coming weekend.

XFINITY Latino - practices

I still don’t know how games my oldest son, Antonio, will have this weekend.

Soccer for life

I’m looking forward to being able to share just how much I really do LOVE (there’s that word again!) XFINITY Latino, because one post can’t even begin to sum it up.

I love their interactive approach to entertainment. Only XFINITY delivers the best and most immersive Soccer experience for all fans. With the XFINITY X1 Sports application you can get live updates of games, stats, and use interactive features to track your favorite teams and much more…

XFINITY Latino can’t take every customer to their favorite sports game, but they CAN take the game to you! And that’s exactly what they are doing with their Summer of Soccer campaign. During this coming summer, XFINITY X1 customers can look forward to seeing matches from the most important tournaments. Be sure to tune it to:

    • Copa America  |  Summer Olympics  | World Cup Qualifiers | UEFA EURO 2016
    • All the action from Major League Soccer (MLS) during the summer!!
    • Regular season major league matches from around the world: Liga MX, La Liga, Premier Cup, MLS, Bundesliga…and more.

If your family is busy at your children’s practices and games too, during any of your preferred games, don’t worry!

  • With so much more space on DVR, you can record up to 6 shows at once!
  • Voice Remote (The remote understands you in your language!)
  • If you’re a few minutes, (or most of the minutes) late into the show, you can restart the show from the beginning.
  • With the Cloud DVR, you even can stream from anywhere and download to your device for offline viewing.

Xfinity X1

Fùtbol is the most popular sport in the world and it brings my family together. With XFINITY X1 fans are able to watch soccer (and their other favorite sports) in a language of their choice. In my family, that’s a deal-breaker!


Soccer is life. Visit the XFINITY Latino Facebook Page para vivir el fùtbol con XFINITY!

What team(s) are you rooting for? Share in the comments! I have a few more exciting things to share between now and dream-come-true night, so be sure to check back. I’ll definitely be on Snapchat, (iamAliciaG), Periscope (iamAliciaG) and sharing some FB Live on my Verified Page during the game, so be sure to check out those channels on Monday, June 6, 2016. The Argentina vs. Chile game starts at 7 p.m. PST, but I’ll be sharing our whole journey that day, so tune in.

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By: Alicia Gonzalez